Greece, SME REMACO Consulting is interested in joining a consortium.

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    REMACO possesses a leading position in the Greek market, providing technical assistance to central Government and Managing Authorities regarding strategic planning, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Operational Programs in the context of all EEC/EU Programming Periods since 1994. The company always remains at the forefront of supporting the implementation of various administrative changes and innovations, most recently including the implementation of innovative financial instruments, evolving state-aid rules, where applicable, in various sectors, including tourism, culture, health, environment, fishery and regional development, and the wider adoption of Simplified Cost Options in by Greek authorities in various policy sectors.
    REMACO employs 27 highly trained, experienced and specialized professionals with unique strengths, on a permanent basis. It maintains a sizable network of external consultants-experts and / or organizations, Universities, and other public and private entities. Since 1987, REMACO has been cooperated with more than 364 clients and participated in 834 national and international projects in total. The fields of company interests involve projects on sustainable economy and tourism, green spaces, blue and circular economy, climate change, ICT and governance.
    Our grounds of expertise include: Strategic & Business Planning Consulting Services, Development Studies & Research, Design, Management & Evaluation of Development Programs & Interventions, Reorganization & Digital Transformation of Businesses & Organizations, Market research and impact assessment, Development, Installation & Support of Information Systems & Internet Applications, IT Project Management.

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