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    We are a small spanish SME interested and involved in forest innovation. We actively work in forest management with special interest on: innovative governance multi-party structures, local forest products, value-chains for forest products, traceability, among others; on the search of innovative digital-based solutions.

    valter paganivalter pagani

    Good afternoon Jesus,
    I am responsible for a company in Portugal (Euc Innovaçao Portugal) that works in the field of technological innovation (digital twins) applied to various project contexts.
    At the moment we are applying a digital twin to a forest in Italy in collaboration with an Association (Asinolla) in Liguria.

    I am available for a possible call to provide more details.
    My e-mail address is :

    Valter PAGANI

    Samir HusicSamir Husic

    Dear Mr Martinez Ben,

    I am writing you on behalf of the regional NGO Forestry and Environmental Action – fea team from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are very interested in arranging online meetings to get more familiar with your organization and discuss ideas for cooperation.

    To get a bit more acquainted with our organisation, you can visit our Web page (, but please do not hesitate to contact me by email as well ( for any additional information.

    Kind regards,
    Samir Husic

    Rugova KurtishiRugova Kurtishi

    Dear Mr Martinez Ben,

    I am writing you on behalf of the Public institution National Park Shar Mountain from Republic of North Macedonia which is interested to be partner for upcoming First Call for GOVERNANCE PROJECTS in the following topics:

    – sustainable use of natural resources in the interest of current and future development, without significant damage to parts of nature and with the least possible disturbances of natural balance;
    – creating conditions for tourism development in accordance with the principle of sustainable development;
    – protection and conservation of natural habitats of National and Transnational importance;
    – protection and conservation of biodiversity of National and Transnational importance;

    I’m available for more details and to discuss more about topics of interests, so don’t hesitate to contact us for for further information.



    Dear Mr Martinez Ben,

    I work for Forest Service in the Chamber of Agriculture in the French Alps.
    Our mission is to help private forest owners to manage collectively their forests.

    We would like to study and develop traceability processes to ensure the best use of logs (RFID system, mechanical filing of trees directly on forest, traceability software…). We have connections with Italians partners about this topic too.

    I’m available to discuss more about this.


    My email :

    Serafim KontosSerafim Kontos

    Greetings, I am Serafim Kontos, Researcher from the Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.Th.), Greece. Our expertise is on analysis and predictions of environmental information related to climate, energy and air quality, and on the respective impacts on human health and public sectors. We are interested to join a consortium as partners. You can contact me at


    Dear Mr. Martinez Benz,
    I am writing to you from BSC Kranj Regional development agency of Gorenjska region, Slovenia we are responsible for regional development in the region of NW of Slovenia, including development of topic of your idea. We have over 20 years of experiences in EU projects, including projects in local wood value chains and biodiversity/innovation in wood products.
    We have over 50 % of Natura 2000, It would be a pleasure to cooperate in the project.

    I would be glad if we could talk,

    With kind regards,

    M.Sc. Helena Cvenkel, director for research and development
    BSC Kranj
    Phone: 00386 31 302 382
    Skype: helena.cvenkel

    Pierluca GaglioppaPierluca Gaglioppa

    Dear all, I’m director of a small Nature Reserve in Latium (NR Selva del Lamone –, about 2000 hectars of deciduos Oaks Forest. I’ma forestry engeneer and I’m interested in join your ideas. We are working on our Management plan (clearance and other actions), studies with the University of Tuscia about the opportunity of use harvester in the Nature Reserve and other systems. We have also a Martelloscope and some activities on biodiversity as Habitat Trees, momnumental trees and old growth forest/ancient wood. We are looking at the solution for some activity against (and to prevent) forest fires. We are also thinking about the forest certification (FSC and PEFC) and some ideas on forest ecosystem services and how transform themi in Payment for E.S.
    About the proposal we must involve our regional Environmental (or Forestry) Department and we have right connections because I have worked there.


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