EV charging + renewable energy grid for tourism

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    Mauricio SardiMauricio Sardi

    Dear all,

    EVtech4U is a Slovenian company specialised on sustainable mobility and building EV charging infrastructure. Would you be interested on joining the below project?

    Regards, Mauricio

    EVTech4U have designed a solution to integrate sustainable mobility technologies; electric vehicles (EV) and e-bicycles focused on developing a 1. Comprehensive and reliable EV and bicycle charging infrastructure for tourist, citizens, public transport, and businesses, 2. Accessible electric bicycles, 3. Efficient use of renewable energy and grid stability, and 4. Digitalization of touristic routes and hospitality.
    The implementation requires community engagement and proactive approach towards creating a better understanding about all the pros of sustainable living by its leaders. Our aim is to reduce emissions from the transport (public and private), protect the environment, promote sustainable tourism, reduce transportation costs, increase the use of renewable energy, develop micro grids to stabilize the grid network, develop smart and digitalised tourism, and – more importantly – to create a better-quality life for people around tourism.

    Our project lays a foundation in the potential transformation of any major city and its rural areas’ tourism infrastructure. For instance, tourists who drive a EV will be welcome to visit the regions without concerns that their EVs will run out of battery allowing them to enjoy bicycle ride, a local meal or a drink. Also, unpleasant noise and the discomfort of smelling pollutants would be reduced to near zero. Everyone in the region would benefit from better air in a better city.

    The short and mid-term goal of our EV charging infrastructure and cyclist routs project is also to increase the participation of business in green initiatives; tourism – Slovenia Green certification scheme, construction – Net zero certification schemes, or cultural – Climate mitigation in heritage buildings. Thus, it is expected that cleaner cities will attract more people, bring business interest and boost a sustainable local economy.

    This project is also focused on renewable energy management and grid stability. For instance, the renewable energy produced should be first consumed, then stored in batteries; and the grid should only be used when there is not enough renewable energy available. The system should create a harmonisation between the supply (renewable energy and grid) and the demand (i.e. EV chargers, electric bicycles, heat pumps, lighting, internet connected devices) without exceeding the grid capacity.

    In addition, the project will enable you to reap the benefits of becoming a smarter region. For instance, the impact on the air quality being monitored, analysis of the increased use of bicycles, efficient and alternative routes that could save time and resources, and, last but not the least, efficient utilization of the infrastructure (i.e. EV chargers) when combining it with other services (rental e-cars, e-bikes, e-scooters).

    Davide DestroDavide Destro

    Dear Mr Sardi, we are Eduforma Srl team from Padua, Italy and we are interested in joining a Consortium.
    More about us: Eduforma is a training and management consulting company, we got accredited by the Veneto Region as an Educational Center for Lifelong Learning training interventions (VET), as well as for Guidance Services and Labour, we are specialized in the area of HR development and VET Education. Concentrating on the continuous improvement of business organization, Eduforma helps the management make strategic choices, from the analysis of needs to the intervention planning, from their accomplishment to the analysis of the results.
    In a nutshell, we focus on corporate restructuring and corporate training, adult and youth training (from 2014 we have implemented 54 Youth Guarantee projects involving almost 500 young NEETs), HR and employment services. Eduforma is also involved in the production, import and marketing of software and IT solutions.
    We have experience with various EU financing programmes, ESF+, Erasmus+, EASI and Interreg Europe, Central Europe, Italy-Croatia, Italy-Slovenia and ADRION.
    Our more recent projects are Eramsus+ KA2 and focus on themes like Green, Social and STREAM Entrepreneurship, through our Empowering Green Entrepreneurship and STREAMpreneur projects; on Disability and Employment; on Emotional Intelligence on labour context and on emotional wellbeing on smart working; last but not least on innovative tools for career guidance. We also worked on developing innovative online training tools for young managers on interdisciplinary subjects through the project YMEC and on the improvement of the entrepreneurial spirit fostering the creation of social startups with the SUYSE project. Since 2015 we have been implementing Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, the European exchange programme for Entrepreneurs.
    Thanks to the implementations of various different projects Eduforma has now a strong experience in new models of training methods development.
    To find more about us and our EU projects, and if you are interested in collaborating, please contact us at

    Guido PiccoliGuido Piccoli

    Dear Mauricio
    we are a consulting company with a long lasting esperience of diffusion of e-mobility in almost all Interreg Programmes during the last 15 years, cooperating with various Italian PA (Regions, Provinces, Municipalities). We can support your proposal development also by selecting experts and/or Public Admins to fit with your partnership ideas.
    You can contact me at

    Giulia TerracianoGiulia Terraciano

    Dear Mauricio Sardi,
    I am contacting you on behalf of the Developia Foundation. As the name of the foundation suggests, the main objective is “DEVELOP”, which means Social, Professional and Territorial development.
    Environmental care, sustainable, and territorial development as well as Promotion and development of the social economy, are only two of the main areas of activity that are implemented by the Developia Foundation at regional, national and European level. In the field of sustainable mobility the members staff of the Foundation have already had a lot of experiences. They for example participated in a project for the Interreg DEMO-EC about sustainable mobility in the European Cities, providing support in the project implementation.

    If you are interested in knowing more about us, please don’t hesitate to contact the following adresses:


    Dear Mauricio Sardi,

    I’m writing you in front of the Metal Centre Čakovec, Croatia.

    Metal Centre Čakovec is an institution for research and development in the field of technologies and processes in the metal industry.
    The activities of Metal Centre are focused on research and creation of new applicable knowledge, support for innovative start-up companies in the implementation of innovative ideas, acceleration of technological development, improving the integration of research and business sector and knowledge transfer.

    Metal Centre is equipped with modern 3D printers: 3D printer for plastic – STRATASYS F900 and 3D printer for metal – EOS M 290, 3D optical scanner – ATOS 5 12M XL. Furthermore, we have modern development equipment for the design of IoT systems and a line for surface laying of electronic components (SMT), different software etc.

    With our expertise we could participate in the development or production of a specific product. We can also contribute in the field of various analyses, such as the market, the need to use or improve certain products, etc.
    If you are interested in Croatian partners and see us as an added value for your project, it would be great to discuss further about a potential collaboration.
    We ensure as a co-applicant our commitment, professionalism, reliability, local know- how and networking.

    For more info about us, you can visit our site: and contact me at

    Thank you! Best regards!

    Alessia FinoriAlessia Finori

    Dear Mr Sardi,
    I’m contacting you on behalf of GAL Molise:
    We are an Italian public private consortium made of 59 rural municipalities.
    We have experience on Interreg projects also about energy.
    We are interested to get involved as partner.

    Please contact me at

    Alessia Finori


    Dear Mauricio,
    We, CYDRONES IoT SOLUTION Ltd, are a cutting-edge technology Start-Up company based in CYPRUS specializing in designing Drones and designing innovative solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Blockchain technologies that collect, process, and manage data for decision making and action routing. I would like to express our interest in your project, and we would like to get to know more information about your project idea. We would be very interested to collaborate and use drones, or Internet of Things (IoT) / Artificial Intelligence (AI), or Blockchain technologies in your project.

    Michael Giorgallas

    Please feel free to contact me at:

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