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    Nicola De SantisNicola De Santis

    EuRelations EEIG is an European Economic Interest Grouping established in 2002 with a view to facilitating and developing its members’ economic perspectives by pooling common resources, interests and competences. The organisation includes 33 private and public entities such as municipalities, universities, schools, research centers, consulting and training firms, chambers of commerce, businesses and business associations. Its members represent different European countries (Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain), while its legal and operative premise is in Italy.

    EuRelations acts as a cluster organization that can involve the staff and thematic experts of its members and thereby offer services in the fields of tourism, innovative sustainable economy, environment, public administration, communication, etc.

    We have previous and relevant experiences in Interreg Projects and EU cooperation projects and we are now interested in joining to an existing Mediterranean consortium or to collaborate with partners from other countries for building a consortium.

    If you are interested to know us better, please do not hesitate to contact us by email:

    More info here:


    Dear Sir/Madam,


    I hope this email finds you well.
    Although we are currently not developing any project proposal, we would be delighted to work along with you in the future. In fact, considering the common interests we have in similar topics, I suggest to keep in touch for new potential projects and further collaboration with other institutions, within the second call of the EURO MED Programme, or other Programmes.

    Finally, kindly see a brief presentation of the Municipality of Spinea:
    The Municipality of Spinea is established near Venice (IT) and it is in charge of all administrative functions regarding its population and territory of Spinea, with a specific focus on services devoted to citizens and community, local territory and economic development, safety and culture.
    Moreover, Spinea will be European City of Sport in 2023.

    Do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon, Best regards Monica

    Davide DestroDavide Destro

    Hello, we are Eduforma Srl team from Padua, Italy and we are interested in joining a Consortium.
    More about us: Eduforma is a training and management consulting company, we got accredited by the Veneto Region as an Educational Center for Lifelong Learning training interventions (VET), as well as for Guidance Services and Labour, we are specialized in the area of HR development and VET Education. Concentrating on the continuous improvement of business organization, Eduforma helps the management make strategic choices, from the analysis of needs to the intervention planning, from their accomplishment to the analysis of the results.
    In a nutshell, we focus on corporate restructuring and corporate training, adult and youth training (from 2014 we have implemented 54 Youth Guarantee projects involving almost 500 young NEETs), HR and employment services. Eduforma is also involved in the production, import and marketing of software and IT solutions.
    We have experience with various EU financing programmes, ESF+, Erasmus+, EASI and Interreg Europe, Central Europe, Italy-Croatia, Italy-Slovenia and ADRION.
    Our more recent projects are Eramsus+ KA2 and focus on themes like Green, Social and STREAM Entrepreneurship, through our Empowering Green Entrepreneurship and STREAMpreneur projects; on Disability and Employment; on Emotional Intelligence on labour context and on emotional wellbeing on smart working; last but not least on innovative tools for career guidance. We also worked on developing innovative online training tools for young managers on interdisciplinary subjects through the project YMEC and on the improvement of the entrepreneurial spirit fostering the creation of social startups with the SUYSE project. Since 2015 we have been implementing Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, the European exchange programme for Entrepreneurs.
    Thanks to the implementations of various different projects Eduforma has now a strong experience in new models of training methods development.
    To find more about us and our EU projects, and if you are interested in collaborating, please contact us at

    Mirza SikirićMirza Sikirić

    Hello Nicola,

    ZEDA Agency (IPA partner, Bosnia and Herzegovina) is looking to join a consortium that will help us in supporting young innovative entrepreneurs since by the end of this year we will have 35 new office spaces in our incubator specially dedicated for startups, especially those oriented to IT/programming but not excluding other emerging technologies like 3D modeling, additive technologies, robotics and similar. We already have Fanuc educational robotic arm, CNC machines, 3D printers, 3D scanners, educational SolidWorks licenses, an accredited laboratory for testing the safety of products and much more.

    We have a lot of experience in Interreg MED, Interreg Danube, Horizon 2020 and similar programs.

    For any additional information, please contact me at


    Azra Gurdic RibicAzra Gurdic Ribic

    Hello Nicola,

    We are the Foundation for Innovation, Technology and Transfer of Knowledge from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    We are primarily focused on advising young people in the field of robotics, as well as supporting the development of technological and social innovations through networking and partnership. Our mission is to empower individuals and teams to work for peace and prosperity, strengthen the economy in Western Balkans by activating entrepreneurship and generating an innovative business atmosphere​, and create new, better-paid jobs for young and/or experienced people.
    We are especially interested in joining a consortium regarding the SO 1.1 Smarter Mediterranean since we are experienced in providing education in advanced technologies such as robotics and automation.

    Azra Gurdić Ribić,
    For any additional information, please contact me at:

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