Environment Protection Agency Arpa Piemonte (IT) interested in joining cons.

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    Monica PonzoneMonica Ponzone

    The Regional Agency for the Protection of the Environment (Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione Ambientale – ARPA) of Piedmont is a public body with independent status for administrative, technical-juridical, asset management and accounting purposes. The Agency provides work for about 1,000 people trained in the technical-scientific fields and the humanities. Most of the people engaging in laboratory work, the production of environmental services and environmental protection activities have a technical-scientific background. The Agency supplies products and services within the framework of different areas of competence: – PREDICTION AND PREVENTION OF NATURAL RISKS: climate, weather forecasting and hydrometeorological network, earthquakes, floods and hydrometeorlogical alert system (Civil Protection activity), landslides, permafrost, avalanches, forest fire, regional geology, natural asbestos, biodiversity conservation, alien species, ecosystem services – PREDICTION AND PREVENTION OF ANTHROPIC RISKS: industrial plants, air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, asbestos, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, noise pollution, waste, environmental impact assessment – MEASURING ACTIVITIES FOR PURPOSES OF LAW COMPLIANCE CHECK: monitoring networks for soil, water, air, noise, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, monitoring of large infrastructures building, proper use of energy – HEALTH CARE RELATED ACTIVITIES: Regional Center of Molecular Biology (BSL3 laboratory) and Epidemiology Dept. – REPORTING AND PUBLIC AWARENESS: Arpa’s activities are designed to improve the knowledge of the state of the environment and provide the administrations with the technical elements they need to define and implement their environmental policies, also through an understanding of the possible effects of their choices. Hence, the primary goal is to organise the data into integrated and readily accessible platforms ( . Arpa fosters circular economy and behavioural changes also by means of training activities of environmental education activities. Arpa Piemonte has a huge experience in management and implementation of EU-financed projects, both as leader and as project partner.

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