EDIA, Portugal looking consortium for agroecology/habitat conservation

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    Sara Pulido ValenteSara Pulido Valente

    EDIA – Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infra-estruturas do Alqueva’s, main mission is to design, execute, build and operate the Alqueva Dam and Multi-Purpose Enterprise (EFMA), contributing to the promotion of the economic and social development of its area of ​​intervention, which correspond to 20 municipalities in the districts of Beja, Évora, Portalegre and Setúbal.
    The sustainability of the Alqueva system and the corresponding irrigation is one of EDIA’s main guiding values, and for which its relationship with its beneficiary farmers is essential.

    The Department of Environmental and Heritage Impacts has developed work in the area of ​​awareness, training and implementation of measures that enhance the compatibility of natural values ​​with agricultural exploitation in the region.
    In this sense, we are interested in being part of a consortium that seeks to develop projects in the area of ​​habitat and biodiversity conservation in agricultural areas, creation and implementation of ecological corridors, agroecology, adaptation to climate change and “nature-based solutions”.

    Juan CharnecoJuan Charneco

    Dear Sara,

    We are launchihng from Seville a project about drought in the Mediterranean European area, in which we desire to work with Portugal. Could you be interested? Can I send you information about the project? Can we talk and discuss the project?


    — Juan Charneco
    Tel.: 00 34 655677966

    Francesca CassaroFrancesca Cassaro

    Dear Sara,

    we are working on a proposal about sustainbility of fruit value chain. If you are interested please let me know:



    Sara Pulido ValenteSara Pulido Valente

    For more information please contact Luísa Pinto:

    Irena GeorgievaIrena Georgieva

    Dear colleagues,

    We at the “Triumph – R” Foundation from Town of Pernik, Bulgaria would like to participate as partner in project under EURO-MED programme. Our organization was established in 2021. Until now, it is developing activities at the national level.

    The chairman and our main members hava a long term experience in participation in EU-programs and projects with an emphasis on environmental problems and their solution, as well the construction of eco-trails, the improvement of biodiversity in certain territories, projects related to the development of cross-border cooperation in various areas such as the preservation and enrichment of traditions, culture, improvement of the business environment and entrepreneurship, the development of media literacy, education, projects with a focus on energy efficiency, the change of policies related to civil rights and reforms in the judiciary system.

    A foundation participate in social programs and activities that are related to solving children’s problems. We work with children aged 4-6 from different kindergartens, in the form of different campaigns, with students aged 7 to 18 from over 15 schools in the Pernik region and with students from UNSS-Sofia and Pernik Universities. We make outdoor “classrooms” where we build capacity and realise environmental education as well forming of adolescent’s awareness and responsible behavior towards nature.

    The “Triumph-R” Foundation carried out a series of trainings, with the participation of leading specialists and famous personalities, aimed at increasing the media culture and literacy of both youth and older users.

    We cooperate with the Europe Direct center, Bulgaria to promote the European Green Deal, as well as related issues such as responsible use of resources and recycling.

    The goals that the foundation set upon its establishment are:

    • To initiate and support projects for the preservation and development of the cultural and historical heritage of Bulgaria and Europe;

    • To affirm spiritual values;

    • To develop civil society;

    • To support activities in the field of healthcare, education, science, sports;

    • To provide support for the socially weak, disabled and persons in need of care;

    • To protect human rights and the environment;

    “Triumph – R” Foundation and all volunteers fighting for its causes have the necessary capacity and experience to achieve these goals.

    We will be happy to discuss possibilities for joint activities and our participation in a project!

    You can contact us by e-mail:



    Ana VenturaAna Ventura

    Dear Sara and Luísa:

    Solutopus, Lda. is quite your neighbor and interested in working in the impact of this Kind of actions.
    If the topic is still valid, don’t hesitate to contact me/us.

    Best regards,
    Ana M. Ventura

    Rhea KahaleRhea Kahale

    Dear Sarah. Juan and Ana,

    The biodiversity conservation initiative of the Saint Joseph University of Beirut’s main mission is s to serve as a hub for providing scientific based evidence to enhance conservation, the integrity of protected areas and increase resilience to global change across different ecosystems. How? by Exploring, understanding, preserving and communicating the natural biological diversity.

    Our main work are divided into two levels:

    – Genetic characterization and barcoding of all Lebanon’s biodiversity
    – Ecosystem protection through In-situ, Ex-situ and Circum situ conservation ( population management and reinforcement, germination protocols, ecological restoration etc..)
    – Identification of species interaction through DNA metabarcoding

    Lebanon’s geographical position and diversity is of great importance to these types of proposals. Although, Lebanon is not an EU country, it is a marginal site for some European species. Subsequently, crucial position to predict how european species will perform under such climate in the future. In addition, these type of information will be of great importance to better predict the carbon sequestration in future scenarios.

    We are interested to be part of a consortium that addresses the conservation of biodiversity, green areas, forests and ecosystems

    if interested please contact us on: or

    Thank you

    Srđan AsanovicSrđan Asanovic

    Hi ,
    If you need a partner from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, we will be happy to join you.
    Best regards, Srdjan

    George CharonidesGeorge Charonides

    Dear Sara,

    My name is Charalampos Paganis, and I am the Communications Manager at “Action for Civil Society”, a Civil not for Profit organization dedicated to addressing the needs of civil society within Europe.

    Our organization has secured approval for 12 projects over the past 18 months, a testament to the expertise of our team members who have extensive experience in various industry sectors as supervisors and project managers.

    This milestone paves the way for significant activities planned in the near future, and we are poised to execute these projects with unwavering dedication and competence.

    We offer substantial experience in working with youth, prioritizing nurturing young individuals in education, entrepreneurship, employability, and capacity building:

    Our e-learning platforms serve both educational purposes and as meeting points for job seekers and entities, thereby enriching community value by reducing unemployment.

    We are advocates of gamification in education, which has proven effective and accessible for both students and educators, transforming entertainment into a learning tool.

    Currently, we are drafting applications under the INTERREG MED and would like to suggest that your expertise could greatly enhance our project ideas. We believe a collaboration could be mutually beneficial and invite you to join us in this opportunity.

    You can find our detailed presentation here: AFCS Presentation

    Please let us know your thoughts on our collaboration proposal.
    Please contact us in in order to arrange an online meeting to discuss how we can start working together.

    Looking forward to a great start for our organizations!

    With warm regards,
    Charalampos Paganis


    Dear Sara,

    I’m contacting you in the name of Zadar County Rural Development Agency, which coordinates and implements activities related to the development of the County. AGRRA is in charge of international and interregional cooperation, as well as implementation of EU funded projects.

    AGRRA is interested to join as a partner (but not as a lead partner) in this call so if you are preparing a project proposal and if you are interested in collaborating with us I kindly ask you to let me know and we can schedule an online meeting.
    Thank you for considering this opportunity, and I look forward to your reply.

    Best regards,

    Gabrijela Kuštera Franin, dipl. ing. agr.
    Viši stručni suradnik/Senior Associate
    Agencija za ruralni razvoj Zadarske županije / Zadar County Rural Development Agency
    Ivana Mažuranića 28A, 23 000 Zadar, Croatia
    tel: +385 (0)23 628 452; fax: +385 (0)23 628 455;

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