Ecological NGO managing an ecopark in Bulgaria is looking to join a consortium

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    Ina AgafonovaIna Agafonova

    Founded in 2015 Foundation in public benefit Via Pontica (VPF) has a mission to offset the adverse effects of the human activities by a change of environment in the direction of restoration of resilient ecosystems and active steps for restoration of the relationship between people and nature. We manage Ecopark Vaya ( located in Burgas lake NATURA 2000 site (BG0000273). The Foundation is CEPA NGO focal point of the RAMSAR Convention for Bulgaria. Our current activities aim at cleaning polluted waters, protecting birds and other species and environmental education. VPF is engaged to maintain and improve the conservation status of all bird species; conserve, protect and restore habitat areas; monitor fauna and flora species; provide ecological education. VPF has a scientific approach in collecting and analyzing data, which it uses to work with the government, local authorities and companies to make conservation measures and projects more effective and to reach a world where nature and people live in greater harmony, more equitably and sustainably. For the implementation of its projects VPF operates a team of specialists with a profile in fields like ecology, ornithology, ichthyology and botany. VPF provides adequate financial resources from private sources for conservation, restoration and maintenance of wetlands. VPF has carried out direct conservation activities for the protection of species and maintained in good environmental condition habitats on land and water. Main research activities include: collection of biodiversity data; scientific coordination of biodiversity monitoring projects & analysis of biodiversity monitoring data across varying spatial and temporal scales. The Foundation has experience in implementing and coordinating projects, including with financing from EU.

    Giulia TerracianoGiulia Terraciano

    I am contacting you on behalf of the Developia Foundation, we really liked the idea behind your project.
    As the name of the foundation suggests, the main objective is “DEVELOP”, which means Social, Professional and Territorial development.
    Environmental care, sustainable and territorial development is one of the main area of activity of the Foundation.

    Although Developia is a newcomer in European projects, but it was born from the experience of two very active players in the field of European projects, namely: the SME Geinnova and the NGO instituto ikigai.

    As for our experience in European projects: we help other institutions in their search for funding for social projects and share our know-how in the management of international projects, ensuring the achievement of objectives and their success. Furthermore, we have experience and knowledge in online training, through our own platform and with the capacity to develop online courses in different languages.

    If you are interested in knowing more, contact us:

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