Development Agency of the R. of Srpska RARS – Interested in joining a consortium

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    Mico StanojevicMico Stanojevic

    Development Agency of the Republic of Srpska (RARS) is a public non-profit organization devoted to supporting the establishment and growth of business entities, local and regional sustainable development, nourishing a resilient business environment, oriented to innovation, and a green economy, with adequate entrepreneurial infrastructure. RARS was established in 2004. by the Law on Encouraging the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. RARS is the initiator and implementer of the development policies of the Government of the Republic of Srpska in support of the private sector, attracting and supporting the realization of investment projects, as well as a place of contact and sustainable dialogue between the public and private sectors.
    We are a reliable partner to domestic and international organizations and the business community in the implementation of development projects. There is a list of some representative performed projects on

    RARS is a member of the European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA), with the Award – Outstanding best practice in 2022. RARS is an Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) member as a coordinator of the EUNORS consortium. We have the knowledge and professional staff that are fully client-oriented, with the principles of transparency and community engagement. RARS projects have the policy logic wherever possible, with the flow: study, piloting, scaling up by networking, to provide sustainable practice from pilot projects towards long-lasting domestic and regional programs.

    According to our competencies and references, and the context of the current Call for Proposal, we are interested in the consortium partnership with specific objectives within two missions: Strengthening an innovative sustainable economy and Enhancing Sustainable Tourism.

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