Development Agency from Krapina Zagorje County (Croatia)-joining the consortium

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    Zagorska razvojna agencija was established in 2018 by Krapina Zagorje County (Croatia) in accordance with the Law on Regional Development provisions and its bylaws. The Agency is active in 3 main dimensions of business: 1) activities within the regional development policy, 2) strengthening the overall socio-economic development in accordance with the strategic plans of the Krapina Zagorje County, and 3) activities of international cooperation.
    In its work, the Agency cooperates with institutions and key stakeholders from the Krapina-Zagorje County area, public institutions from various fields (health, social care, education, environmental protection, transport) established by the County, local self-government, state bodies, organizations civil society, entrepreneurial support institutions, local action groups, etc. Through coordinated activities within the goals, the Agency plays the role of a driver of sustainable development of Krapina-Zagorje County.
    We are looking for a sustainable tourism consortium to realize projects with partners from Mediterranean areas and ideas to promote their culture and natural heritage, cycling and equestrian tourism, upskilling and reskilling workers in the tourism and hospitality sector, and development of tourism in rural areas, etc.

    You can also reach me at:

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