Délice Network: An international partner for projects on Food & Gastronomy

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    Dear All,

    We are Délice Network, the first international Network to link food and cities.

    Délice is a global city network building collective intelligence based in Lyon (FR). Members are 31 leading cities worldwide that see food and gastronomy as a powerful tool for identity, economic growth, reputation & attractiveness, livability & sustainability.

    Délice brings together representatives of member cities (City councils, Municipal services, Tourism offices…) and food sector stakeholders (chefs, universities, corporate associations…), all involved in food-related initiatives worldwide.

    Today, the Network is looking to contribute its valuable expertise to international projects such as INTERREG Euro-Med, related to sustainable food tourism. Within the area, five major metropolises are members of Délice: Lisbon (PT), Madrid (ES), Barcelona (ES), Lyon (FR), Turin (IT).

    We can bring the strength of an international food network for your project partnership and design a great variety of activities: collaboration with cities & chefs, identification of food experts & best practices, home-cooked international events both online and in-person, worldwide communication, and replication.

    Thirsty to know more? You can visit our website (, check out our brochure (, and contact us directly ( Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Camille Chaumeron-Jourdan
    Délice Program Developer

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