Délice Network: An international partner for projects on Food & Gastronomy

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    Dear All,
    We are Délice Network, the first international Network to link food and cities.

    Délice is a global city network building collective intelligence based in Lyon (FR). Members are 31 leading cities worldwide that see food and gastronomy as a powerful tool for identity, economic growth, reputation & attractiveness, livability & sustainability.

    Délice brings together representatives of member cities (Municipal services, Chamber of Commerce, Tourism offices…) and food sector stakeholders (chefs, Entrepreneurs, universities, corporate associations…), all involved in food-related initiatives worldwide.

    Today, the Network is looking to contribute its valuable expertise to international projects such as INTERREG Euro-Med, related to food circular and sustainable economy. Within the area, five major metropolises are members of Délice: Lisbon (PT), Madrid (ES), Barcelona (ES), Lyon (FR), Turin (IT).

    We can bring the strength of an international food network for your project partnership and design a great variety of activities: collaboration with cities & chefs, identification of food experts & best practices, home-cooked international events both online and in-person, worldwide communication, and replication.

    Thirsty to know more? You can visit our website ( ), check out our brochure ( ) and contact us directly (

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Camille Chaumeron-Jourdan
    Délice Program Developer


    Dear MrS. Camille Chaumeron Jourdan,

    I am writing to you from regional development agency of Gorenjska, Slovenia. We have over 20 years of experiences in preparation and implementation of EU projects, including MED -different topics of regional development. We are also responsible for regional development and regional development program.

    Topics circularity food policy in connection with cities and sustainable tourism are key development topics in our region.

    I would be glad to have on line meeting. What about next week?

    My contacts:
    M.Sc. Helena Cvenkel, director for research and development
    BSC Kranj regional development agency of Gorenjska
    c.s. Zagarja 37,4000 Kranj, Slovenia
    mobile: 00386 31 302 382
    skype: helena.cvenkel


    Dear Mrs. Helena Cvenkel,

    Thank you for your message and interest. I’ll be thrilled to organize an online meeting with you next week to discuss these projects further.
    I am available Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday. Here is my mail address:
    I could not find yours to answer you privately.

    Looking forward to our discussion,
    Best regards,

    Camille Chaumeron-Jourdan



    We are a body governed by public law, a local action group and a network made of 59 municipalities and many private professional associations and organization with the aim of local development of a rural area in Italy (Molise Region)
    We have long term experience on Interreg projects as partner and lead partner too.
    We are implementing projects on circular and sustainable economy also in agricolture and food sector.
    For further info please contact us at

    Adolfo Colagiovanni

    Leandro OliveiraLeandro Oliveira


    I’m a nutritionist and researcher at the CBIOS – Universidade Lusófona’s Research Center for Biosciences & Health Technologies (Portugal).
    CBIOS currently is operating in five research domains – Natural Bioactives, Development of Delivery Systems, Pharmacology, and Molecular Mechanisms, Modeling Systems, and Nutrition and Health Promotion.

    I think this topic can be very interesting for our research objectives, and we can make a significant contribution as a partner to the consortium, as we bring together expertise in the areas of health, nutrition, and Food Science.

    Thanks in advance,
    Leandro Oliveira

    Greg BjornGreg Bjorn

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    Brenda GrayBrenda Gray

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    I’m writing on behalf of the Center for Development of the Pelagonija planning region (CDPPR), from Macedonia. We represents public institution for regional development, established by 9 units of local self-government comprising the Pelagonija planning region. CDPPR prepares project proposals for development of the planning region and for the areas with specific developmental needs. It coordinates the activities related to the implementation of the development Program of the planning region and realizes the projects for development of the planning region, civil protection, promotes cultural heritage, tourism and developmental opportunities of the planning region.
    We have experience in project implementation by various donors and finance instruments (national and international), not directly in EUROMED, but experienced in another Interreg program (IPA CBC).
    We also have several projects for promotion of tourism through culinary experiences and are open for cooperation for Interreg projects with you and other partners.

    Feel free to contact us to share project and activities information on

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Center for development of Pelagonija planning region

    Nedzad JusufhodzicNedzad Jusufhodzic


    The Chamber of Commerce of Zenica-Doboj Canton (CC ZDC) is private non-profit institution (business support organization). We are located in Bosnia and Herzegovina and looking to join partnership as IPA project partner. CC ZDC is involved, in addition to commerce, also in industry and all other economic activities.
    CC ZDC has more than 15 years of experience in the implementation of governmental funded, domestic and abroad-funded projects. CC ZDC has already implemented several EU-funded projects. It possesses human and financial resources for the implementation of different projects and developed a network of experts from Ministries, Local Development Agencies, the University of Zenica, the Tourist Board, Museums, Cultural institutions, NGOs, SMEs, media, etc.
    Thematic competences:
    • Assessment of the current situation;
    • Networking;
    • Best practices transfer;
    • Identification of innovative business tools and supporting innovation;
    • Implementation and development of different Pilot actions;
    • Creation of professional and scientific research studies;
    • Education and employment of the unemployed labour force in accordance with the needs of the companies;
    • Business education and business environment improvement.

    Project teams and staff: CC ZDC has 6 full time employees (4 employees with previous experience in implementation of EU funded projects).

    CC ZDC is searching to join consortium as IPA Project partner. For all additional information, please contact us.

    Contact information:
    Nedzad Jusufhodzic, mr.iur., Secretary of the Chamber
    Address: Mehmedalije Tarabara 15, 72000 Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    T: +387 32 465 851
    F: +387 32 465 852

    Valentina BuršićValentina Buršić

    Dear Camille,

    I’m writing on behalf of AZRRI – Agency for regional development which was founded with the specific purpose of connecting the public and private sectors, implementing development projects and coordinating production-wise in the rural areas of Istria County, Croatia. AZRRI supports and coordinates development programmes vital for keeping the rural areas lively and improves the quality of life of the rural population by uniting the primary agricultural production, local transformation process and service sector into business clusters, especially in the field of the promotion, protection and valorisation of regional, typical, autochthon, added value food products.
    One of the main goals of the Agency is to create opportunities for sustainable agri-food, farming and tourism sector and technologically resilient and advanced field-to-table food systems which aligns with your suggested project ideas.

    With a specific aim of conducting projects and activities vital for the development and revitalisation of the Istria County rural area, AZRRI had implemented numerous international projects, which had a great impact on the economic activities as well as on the regional development, growth and employment. One of the most successful projects are ECOVINEGOALS, PASTINNOVA, CIREVALC, MEDFEST, KeyQ+, TESTEATE, WELLFOOD ACTION, KEY Q and many others.

    We are interested to cooperate with you, please contact us with more information about the ideas on

    Best regards,

    Valentina Buršić
    Mob: +385 91 6207 653

    Andrea SmolićAndrea Smolić

    Dear Camille,
    I am writing on behalf of the Institution for the Development of Competence, Innovation and Specialisation of Zadar county INOVAcija. Our strategic goals are following:
    – Enchancing research-development and business infrastructure;
    – Creation of a network of economic operators based on knowledge and high technologies;
    – Strengthen Zadar County and turn it into an attractive development-oriented economic area.

    We find Your project proposal very interesting and would love to know more about it. We are open to new ideas and innovative approaches and we are looking to join as partner into this call.

    Feel free to contact us to share project and activities information on:

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards,
    Andrea Smolić

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