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    Rosaura ParisiRosaura Parisi

    We are developing a project proposal on circular economy, but we are also interested in participating as a partner in another proposal. We are a Research Center participated by university departments and Companies and we offer expertise in the following fields: agrifood, pharmaceutical and veterinary. We have an office in Naples and another office in Romania.

    Briefly, we specialize in the development of protocols for the extraction of bioactive molecules from supply chain waste both through traditional methods and through supercritical fluids. In particular, we have designed ad hoc plants for the extraction of molecules using supercritical CO2, which has the following advantages: non flammability; environmental acceptability; non-toxicity; high purity of the extract. It is therefore an advantageous extraction system of active molecules that can be used for the formulation of innovative nutraceuticals, intended for the control of specific diseases. In fact, we recently carried out a clinical study as part of a project, in which we tested polyphenols extracted from olive leaves for the control of type 2 diabetes, obtaining very promising results. These molecules are also promising from the point of view of the control of neurodegenerative diseases and cancer.

    We also have experience in sustainable agriculture and in particular in the development of natural products capable of defending vegetation against many pathogens.

    In addition, we have developed protocols for the isolation of bacteriophages for the preparation of phage cocktails which represent a promising alternative to fight bacterial infections resistant to traditional antibiotics. Bacteriophages are natural molecules, extracted from the environment and which have no risks for animal and human health. They can also be used in animal feed to prevent and fight infections that are difficult to treat with traditional drugs. In addition, we have experience in developing medical devices functionalized with molecules that can prevent antibiotic resistance.

    We recently obtained funding for a European project on the blue economy.

    We also have expertise in writing and coordinating European projects and in dissemination and communication activities.

    We have numerous patents related to the innovative solutions of our research.

    It would be interesting to develop a joint project. If you are interested in developing a joint project, please contact us at


    Stefania MelisStefania Melis

    Good morning Rosaura
    I’ve just sent an email to you.
    Please check your inbox
    Thank you in advance


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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