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    Manolo BoludaManolo Boluda

    The Region of Murcia (Spain) is working on a project proposal for the current call.

    The project is focused on innovative solutions to combat the climate change impacts in our water resources, in particular groundwater.

    The project is based on the urgent need to store good quality water in aquifers, seeking to improve them and a reservoir in the face of the decrease in the amount of continental water caused by climate change. The challenge is a reinforced adoption of solutions to restore degraded and polluted ecosystems at land and sea, guaranteeing a healthy environment.

    Partners searched:
    – Countries: IPA country partners, France and Portugal, preferably.
    – Public organizations mainly, able to provide innovation, prior experience relevant to the project objective/ able to implement a pilot action / with expertise on the project topic.

    Please, send expressions of interest to: / ; our technical assistance by 2nd September for further information.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sophie SchmittSophie Schmitt

    We found your project idea particularly interesting because of the focus on natural heritage. We are interested in the integration of the topic of climate change. We have an extensive experience in Interreg cross-border projects (Italy-Austria and Italy-Slovenia) but not yet an experience in Interreg MED. Please, contact us, we can explain the details of our previous projects and see how to better fit in your project.
    The contact is: and

    Angelos ParmatziasAngelos Parmatzias

    We are interested in your project, please contact us
    C.I.P. Citizens In Power (CIP) is a non-profit, educational and research organization. CIP constitutes a leading organization in Cyprus in global education, social innovation, citizen engagement, entrepreneurship, STEM, IoT, AI, clean energy and sustainable growth. CIP has been running more than 70 EU-funded projects, including KA2 & KA3 actions, AMIF, ENI CBC Med, COSME and Horizon Europe.
    Contact us at

    Angelos ParmatziasAngelos Parmatzias

    Few of our projects
    – ‘NEX-LABS’ ENI CBC MED project: ENI CBC MED project: is a €3.4 million project that aims to support the implementation of clean technologies for the sustainable and resilient growth of agri-food sector production based on more efficient use of energy (renewable/solar solutions) and water (wastewater treatment, water harvesting or reuse solutions) in Mediterranean Partner Countries region thanks to the contribution of ICT such as blockchain technology, Internet or the Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Big Data.

    – ‘Closing the gap between fork and farm for circular nutrient flows’ project aims at the implementation and exploration of innovative Nitrogen & Phosphorus recovery solutions for the utilization of human sanitary waste from urban settlements and its conversion into safe bio-based fertilisers for agricultural production (HORIZON-CL6-2022-ZEROPOLLUTION-01-02, Project number: 101081883, budget: 7.5 million).

    – FlexCHESS aims to revolutionize the existing paradigms of energy storage by developing a multi-level flexibility approach based on Virtual Energy Storage System (VESS) that can store surplus energy through hybrid energy storage systems (HESS) and modify their behaviour and architecture to support unpredictable growth and change of demand, climate and market (HORIZON-CL5-2022-D3-01, project number: 101096946, budget 3.6 Million)

    -FoodE ( KA220) will raise agri-food entrepreneurs’ and young farmers’ awareness of food loss and its impact on the environment through providing them with opportunities to engage in knowledge-exchanges with experts, create affiliations to improve their employability, training for becoming FoodE ambassadors and providing them with possibilities to communicate with old farmers and agri-food entrepreneurs that will help them design solutions, products and/or services for tackling the
    food loss issue.


    I represent Local action group “South Istria”, NGO from Croatia (Istria Region). We find this topic very interesting and we would like to join the consortium because we share same needs and problems.
    Our territory is also very vulnerable when it comes to water supplies. Due to climate change dry periods of droughts are longer and longer while water needs are large. Intense tourism, use of chemicals in agriculture, so as landfills and wild waste dumps are severely impacting quality of groundwater in this area.

    You can contact us at: (

    Best regards,
    Moira Drandic Pauro

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