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    In order to face the several challenges our Cities are called to and to implement the EU climate missions they are committed to, they need to design, implement, and share innovative urban green and smart plans and instruments easily deployable, accessible, inclusive, replicable as well as frameable over the time according to the climate and citizens’ needs. With the ambition to become climate neutral by 2030, mainly through the use of renewable energy sources such as hydrogen, the City of Arezzo is promoting and implementing several policies and climate innovation initiatives to adapt to climate change. The City of Arezzo is a member of the Covenant of Mayors and of EUROCITIES network. It is actually preparing its Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP) including through implementation of a participatory approach. It has signed the Green City Accord commitments and has also applied for the “100 climate-neutral cities EU Mission”.
    The City of Arezzo, with its relevant thematic departments, is willing to join a Thematic Community or an Institutional Dialogue proposal to be submitted under the call MEDITERRANEAN GOVERNANCE. If interested, please contact

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