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    Valeria RossiValeria Rossi

    The Municipality of Cesena is situated in Northern Italy within Emilia-Romagna Region, some 15km from the Adriatic coast and it has 96.000 inhabitants. Since 2007 the municipality has established an European project office acquiring a great experience in project management both as a partner and as a LP. Cesena is a member of Eurocities and the first Italian signatory city of the new “Green City Accord”, as well as the “Mayors Adapt” initiative.

    Interested in joining consortia as partner, on the following priority themes:
    1) CLIMATE: urban forestry and greening; urban climate regeneration and natural based solutions; naturalization of the Savio river; capacity building for climate adaptation planning and stakeholders engagement; hydrogeological instability.
    2) MOBILITY: electric mobility; new services to support cycling for businesses and citizens (e.g. cargo-bike); ICT for intelligent mobility.
    3) SUSTAINABLE TOURISM, SPORT and WELLNESS: new sustainable lifestyles; outdoor education; critical consumption; new forms of tourism.
    4) UNESCO HERITAGE AND CREATIVITY (Malatesta Public Library): enhancement of the UNESCO heritage of the Malatestian Public Library; digitization of tangible and intangible cultural heritage; film festival; creative talents.
    5) GOVERNANCE: participatory processes for the innovative management of public spaces.

    Françoise ThurelFrançoise Thurel

    Dear Mrs Rossi,

    The themes you exposed ( new forms of tourism and library) could be interesting for us. We are looking for partners also for sustainable tourism and cultural heritage.
    The Port-Cros national Park is a marine protected area in south of France (French Riviera) since 1963. The Port-Cros Island has a very rich past with writers between the two mondial wars. The Park is owner of the island and some military buildings. Diving is the main tourism business on the island and it’s a critical point. We are working to impulse a new form of tourism based on literature and writing linked to nature. We have some projects for meeting and seminary about nature, writing workshop, discovering the writers sites past , some places to read, etc..
    Do you think we can work together ?
    Best regards

    Valeria RossiValeria Rossi

    Dear Francoise,
    thank you for your message, sorry for the delay bud I did not accede the platform during the last weeks.
    Your idea is really interesting, we have an annual festival in Cesena called “La bellezza delle parole”, dedicated to writers and literature. Cesena Municipality has always been working on public readings as a tradition, and together with surrounding municipalities (the Union of Savio Valley Municipalities) organised DanteTour last year, by combining readings of Dante poems to other artistic events, in natural locations.
    Please, write by email whether you think it can be of your interest in going deep through these issues, and we could also have a call.
    My email address is
    Best regards,

    Iro and ProjectIro and Project

    Dear Francoise,

    We are an NGO, operating in the territory of Albania. Our expertise is in the area of eco-and social innovation; blue economy; tourism; training & mentoring; start-up and SMEs support; etc. We have experience in multinational projects, research, , training and events on a variety of topics.

    Our NGO is interested in joining as a partner in your project consortium, please contact us at

    With warm regards,


    Hi, I’m Albert Marku, project manager at the Center for Community Development, based in Tirana, Albania. Our organization was created in 2004 and has been increasing year by year with organizational, technical and financial capacity and has developed many projects.

    In order to accomplish its MISSION Center for Community Development does such activities • promotes youth entrepreneurship in a EU context and the development of creative industries, with specific activities contributing to the employability of young people • promotes innovative initiatives • empowers NGO’s and SME’s, based in European policies • promotes intercultural dialogue between Europe and Med countries • empowers young people through e-learning, sport activities and exchanges • Fights for the improvement of environmental indicators • fights for women’s rights • cooperates strongly with the country’s universities, ect.

    We think that your chosen topic fits quite well with the needs of our community.
    On behalf of the organization, we express interest in being a partner in your project-proposal, guaranteeing the fulfillment of the required and professional deadline of your application within the framework of a successful one.

    Hoping in a reply, we are also sending our PIF via email (

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