Central Market of Córdoba (Spain) looks for joining as partner Circular economy

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    Laura MostazoLaura Mostazo

    Mercacórdoba is one of the greatest food markets in the region of Andalucía (Spain). It emerged in 1987 as a result of the agreement between the Municipality of Córdoba and MERCASA, which is a public entity whose main investors are The Agriculture, Fisheries and Feeding Ministry, and The State Society for Industrial Participation.
    It has 3 main markets that operate on an 86.000 m^2 surface that manage 57.270 tons of food a year:
    Fruits and vegetables market: 50.202 tons with a value of 41.9 million €.
    Fish and shellfish market: 6.807 tons with a value of 25.5 million €.
    Meat and others: 261 tons with a value of 2 million €.
    Mercacórdoba has been approaching gradually new projects with the goal of responding always to the actual food distribution challenges, the improvement in all the orders of the production cycle, and the commercialization of food products.
    In this line, the business activity has been changing to more heterogenous projects like:
    – Improve the commerce change in our city, to a renovation process that changes it into a commercial formula, according to the actual costumers’ needs, with more strength to compete.
    – Improve the professional qualification and the social wellness of the food sector workers.
    – Reinforcement of the business network promoting self-employment in the food commercial sector of Córdoba, advising ad supporting professionals.
    – Promotion of the circular economy, the reduction of food waste and more sustainable ways of food distribution.

    So we are interested in projects facing the circular economy linked to food management, reducing food waste, promoting local products or similar. We are a public institution.

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