Are you interested in a proposal on sea level rise in the Mediterranean Sea?

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    Dario GiaiottiDario Giaiotti


    I am looking for partners interested in developing a thematic Euro-MED project proposal, to be classified as Study Project, that will face this challenge:
    quantify the sea level rise in the Mediterranean Sea during the XXI Century.

    Even if this short definition of the challenge may seem suitable to a pure research project or an already overcame challenge, I am convinced that the question is still open. In particular, there is an urgent need to quantify the sea level rise trends expected in the Mediterranean sub-basins, besides the average over the whole basin, together with an estimate of the uncertainties.

    I am sure you are aware an extremely important set of climate change risks, in the Mediterranean coastal areas, are related to the sea level rise hazard, both for long term average effects and for the frequency of extreme events.

    Many works on sea level rise impacts in the Mediterranean have been conducted on the base of sea level rise information coming from global trends or regional climate simulation, having a rough representation of the basin response to Atlantic forcing and to the hydrological cycle in the area. Furthermore, there is an open debate in the scientific community on the response of the Mediterranean to changes in the Atlantic future state.

    So the challenge is not over yet and the quality of impacts evaluation suffer of the hazard estimate weakness.

    The idea is to make a survey of the available studies, previous project results and related data on the sea level rise future scenarios in the Mediterranean and give to them a critical classification on the suitability for impacts evaluation. More detail on the methods I will be glad to share with who is interested in working on the proposal.

    The project deliverables are expected to give a high value and quantitative support the sea level rise related risks evaluation; don’t think to another data set or another web data provider, but to information and services on which data, already available, to use and how much they are trustable, for risk analyses classes.

    The project results are also aimed to serve as foundation stone for future thematic projects of the Test, Transfer and Strategic categories, focused on the Euro-MED Priority 2 – Specific objective 2.4, that is to capitalize the state-of-the-art of sea level rise knowledge in the Mediterranean.

    My objective is to submit the proposal to 2nd call for Thematic Projects (deadline 27/10/2022).

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested I working on the proposal.

    With best regards

    Dario B. Giaiotti
    SOC Stato dell’Ambiente
    CRMA – Centro Regionale di Modellistica Ambientale

    Via Cairoli, 14
    I-33057 Palmanova (UD)
    Room I/20/U
    Tel +39 0432 191 8048
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