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    Teodora IvanovaTeodora Ivanova

    The Agency for Regional and Economic Development – Vratsa, Bulgaria (ARED) was established as a non-governmental organization in the autumn of 1999.
    The mission of ARED –Vratsa is to support its members and other NGOs, participating through the activities in the process of regional and economic development, to promote the social partnership, to ensure information exchange and to contribute for development of entrepreneurial culture in the small communities and settlements, exchange of good European practices and innovations for decreasing the interregional differences.
    The projects and expertise of ARED are in the field of SMEs support of competitiveness by providing trainings, consultations, and thematic seminars. ARED has a Vocational Training Center licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training with 20 professions.
    Our organization implements EU projects – national, interregional and transnational as a partner or a sub-contractor.
    Main Projects implemented in the recent years:
    • EURIBOR – EEA&Norway – 1.11.2021-31.1.2024 – partner, promotion of mobile services for supporting young women employment and entrepreneurship skills;
    • OSS project – 2018-2023 – partner, improvement of policy for first line services for SMEs and startups, INTERREG EUROPE;
    • Learning by doing project – 2017-2019, Danube Transnational Programme 2014-2020 – dual education and youth employment – network of Danube region VET institutions and employers organization for better realization of youths (external expertise);
    • BALKANET – 2017-2020 – partner, supporting young innovators in agro-food, Balkan-Med program 2014-2020;
    • NO-BLE Ideas – 2012-2014 – partner, boosting the innovations in Agrofood sector, SEE program;
    • PLUSTEX project -2012-2014 – partner; textile sector, INTERREG IVC program – policy learning to unlock skills in Textile sector;
    • Training module – “Entrepreneurship skills”, within a National program “Support for Bulgarian entrepreneurs”, OP Human resources development 2012;
    • PASSAGE project – with expert in the team of CCI-Vratsa ,7th Framework program; innovations in textile sector -2009-2011;
    • ISEDENET 2009-2012 – innovations in social entrepreneurship, as a part of the team of Bulgarian Association of Regional Development Agencies – 2009-2012, SEE program;
    • Training of social assistants under National programs;
    • RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM – Measure 431-2 – Acquiring skills and social activity boost on the territory of municipalities Hayredin and Krivodol for establishment of Local Initiative Group 2010-2012;
    • Project: “Establishment of connections in between stakeholders, activities, sectors and areas towards sustainable rural area development“, PHARE 2005, Civil Society Development Programme; Project BG 2005/ 017-353.01.01.07;
    • “Employment initiative through acquiring professional skills and qualifications in the field of tourism and dairying and establishment of stable training center in Vratsa District” – PHARE BG 0004.03.03.111;
    • “Civil initiative for regional development”, EIDHR;
    • “European Union Standards for Dairying” – PHARE 2002 “Information and communication program”;
    • “For Everyone – a piece of Europe” – an information campaign for public awareness raising;
    • “Better managers – Guarantee for Stable Business and More Workplaces” – MRDPW;
    • “Boosting women entrepreneurship and development of entrepreneurship for unemployed”;
    • “Investment in Business Incubators in areas of Industrial decline” BG 0004.02 – finished, partner organization 2005-2006;
    • “Boosting women entrepreneurship and development of entrepreneurship for unemployed” – II Ministry of Foreign Affair of Austria;
    • “Program for support in adopting and application of Acquis Communitaire for organizations and SMEs in Bulgaria”, Ministry of Foreign Affair Belgium.
    Currently we are looking for partners, who are preparing the projects within the INTERREG Euro-MED Programme for the potential future cooperation.

    Mario ShahiniMario Shahini

    Dear Teodora,

    I am writing on behalf of the Regional Council Durres, a regional public authority covering 3 municipalities in Albania, with a successful and vast experience of participating in EU projects. Our institution is involved in implementing sustainable economy, tourism and environmental policies at a regional level. Please do not hesitate to contact me at for further communications, in case you are interested in having a public institution partner from Albania in your consortium.

    Best regards

    Mario Shahini


    Dear Teodora,

    I’m contacting you in the name of Zadar County Rural Development Agency, which coordinates and implements activities related to the development of the County. AGRRA is in charge of international and interregional cooperation, as well as implementation of EU funded projects.

    AGRRA is interested to join as a partner (but not as a lead partner) in this call so if you are preparing a project proposal and if you are interested in collaborating with us I kindly ask you to let me know and we can schedule an online meeting.
    Thank you for considering this opportunity, and I look forward to your reply.

    Best regards,

    Gabrijela Kuštera Franin, dipl. ing. agr.
    Viši stručni suradnik/Senior Associate
    Agencija za ruralni razvoj Zadarske županije / Zadar County Rural Development Agency
    Ivana Mažuranića 28A, 23 000 Zadar, Croatia
    tel: +385 (0)23 628 452; fax: +385 (0)23 628 455;

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