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    chiara tisatchiara tisat

    The Province of Bergamo is a supra-local public body, located in northern Italy. Its territory has an area of 2,722.86 km² with more than 1 Million inhabitants and it includes 243 municipalities. As an intermediate body between the Region and the municipalities, the Province has fundamental and delegated functions and is responsible for several sectors including environment, land management, culture, tourism, sports, social policies, equal opportunities, territorial development, education and vocational training.
    The territory of Bergamo Province is 64 percent mountainous. The northern part of the territory, consisting of the Bergamo valleys, includes the Orobian valleys and pre-Alps. Going south is a hilly belt with an area of 12 percent that includes the northern portion of the Isola bergamasca, the Colli di Bergamo and the Valcalepio, the production area of typical Bergamo wines.

    Since 2017 the Province of Bergamo is promoter and coordinator of a working group composed of all local stakeholders dealing with accessibility in the territory. The goal is definitely to make the territory more accessible and inclusive for everyone, so not only for tourists, but also for the inhabitants. To do so, a common framework and activities such as a mapping of the degree of accessibility and training of tourist ooperators, among others, are needed. In 2022 the group expands, leading to the signing of a renewed memorandum of understanding for the promotion of accessible and inclusive tourism in the province of Bergamo.

    Now we would like to have the opportunity to create a EU project dedicated to this topic, collaborating and exchanging good practices with other countries.
    Not having much experience on this program we would prefer not to be coordinators. In any case, we are willing to discuss possible opportunities for collaboration.

    If interested please contact us at:

    Renato ColonnaRenato Colonna

    Dear Chiara,

    I am writing on behalf of GAL Molise Verso il 2000, based in Molise (region of Italy).
    I have read the proposal and we would be interested in collaborating regarding coordination and technical support of the project.
    You can consider the fact that we are already coordinating other similar projects.

    If you want, we can discuss it further for a partnership.
    Here are my email: or

    Best regards,

    Mario ShahiniMario Shahini

    Dear Chiara,

    I am writing on behalf of the Regional Council Durres, a regional public authority in Albania covering 3 municipalities. We area a coastal region, also covered by hills and mountains, with tourism playing a vital role in the economy and development of the region. Our institution plays an important role in implementing tourism related policies at a regional level, therefore we are interested in your project idea as it would be very relevant and beneficial to our region. Furthermore, our institution has a vast experience in participating in EU co-funded projects, mainly in the INTERREG MED and ADRION programmes. Please feel free to contact me at for further communications.

    Best regards

    Mario Shahini

    Haris PapagiannakisHaris Papagiannakis

    Dear Chiara, dear all

    I am replying on behalf of Staori, a destination management / ecotour operator cooperative based on Crete, Greece.
    Our island region needs urgently a shift to sustainable paradigms and lends itself perfectly for it.

    We would love to read more details from you soon and contribute to the application development, where needed.
    You can contact me at

    Best wishes,

    Alice ScottiAlice Scotti

    Dear Chiara,
    I’m Alice Scotti from Adriafer, company 100% controlled by the Trieste Port Authority. Trieste is a port city and also the biggest Italian railway port.
    We are the shunting manager of the port and a railway undertaking operating in the Friuli – Venezia Giulia Region on the border to Slovenia and Austria.
    We would like to develop a project idea related to railways as a mean to reduce traffic congestion caused by tourism by reactivating old train paths as TRANSALPINA and TCM-MUGGIA (Trieste – Slovenia railway lines) as new Public transport and touristic attractions, having our firm as railway undertaking. Since this call only finances test and transfer projects, I think it would be perfect for pilot test activities such as the one I mentioned.
    We have won 4 co-financed projects just in 2023 on INTERREG and HORIZON programmes and have on our side a consulting firm which could help us in the drafting and coordination of the proposal if you need a LP.
    In case you are interested please don’t hesitate to contact me a

    Best regards,

    Alice Scotti
    Adriafer Rail Services S.r.l.,
    New Free Port, Trieste
    +39 3468841077

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