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    chiara tisatchiara tisat

    The Province of Bergamo is a supra-local public body, located in northern Italy. Its territory has an area of 2,722.86 km² with more than 1 Million inhabitants and it includes 243 municipalities. As an intermediate body between the Region and the municipalities, the Province has fundamental and delegated functions and is responsible for several sectors including environment, land management, culture, tourism, sports, social policies, equal opportunities, territorial development, education and vocational training.
    The territory of Bergamo Province is 64 percent mountainous. The northern part of the territory, consisting of the Bergamo valleys, includes the Orobian valleys and pre-Alps. Going south is a hilly belt with an area of 12 percent that includes the northern portion of the Isola bergamasca, the Colli di Bergamo and the Valcalepio, the production area of typical Bergamo wines.

    Since 2017 the Province of Bergamo is promoter and coordinator of a working group composed of all local stakeholders dealing with tourism accessibility in the territory. The goal is definitely to make the territory more accessible and inclusive for everyone, so not only for tourists, but also for the inhabitants. To do so, a common framework and activities such as a mapping of the degree of accessibility and training of tourist ooperators, among others, are needed. In 2022 the group expands, leading to the signing of a renewed memorandum of understanding for the promotion of accessible and inclusive tourism in the province of Bergamo.

    Now we would like to have the opportunity to create a EU project dedicated to tourism accessibility and sustainability, collaborating and exchanging good practices with other countries.
    The project goal could be: Promoting a new tourism model that is accessible, inclusive, and ethical in the rural and mountain areas of the Mediterranean, countering phenomena of overtourism within urbanized areas and seasonality-dependency

    Not having much experience on this program we would prefer not to be lead partner. In any case, we are willing to discuss possible opportunities for collaboration.

    If interested please contact us:

    Natasha ZarankovaNatasha Zarankova

    Dear Mrs Tisat,

    Our organization, Business Incubator – Gotse Delchev, Entrepreneurship Promotion Centre (BI-GD), Bulgaria, is actively engaged with promoting sustainable tourism and supporting of rural communities. That is why your EURO-MED project idea on Accessible EcoTourism captured our interest.
    As a business supporting organization, working already 25 years for socio-economic development on regional, national and EU level, BI-GD has built a portfolio of actions and projects, encompassing building capacity for sustainable and social entrepreneurship, incl. in tourism, circular economy, innovations and new technologies, and creating conditions for rural development based on cultural and natural heritage, agri and eco-tourism. I will mention that we have extensive experience in many EU programmes, as Horizon2020, InterregIVC, Interreg GR-BG, and BG-MK, Interreg Danube TP, Erasmus+, National OPs, and more.

    We could provide you with more information on our experience and capacity on request, we are ready to contribute for the proposal as well.

    Do not hesitate to contact us at: or tel 00359 751 60404 and we could discuss potential collaboration

    Natasha Zarankova
    Project and Programme Expert

    Renato ColonnaRenato Colonna

    Hi, FChiara Tisat
    I am writing on behalf of GAL Molise verso 2000, situated in region of Molise (Italy).
    GAL is a limited liability consortium company founded in 1994 with the aim of designing, implementing and managing initiatives in the field of Local, National and European development.

    Our working group has certified experience in the sector also and above all regarding European projects.
    I propose as we could offer technical assistance and coordination service for the development of project.
    We could take care of organizing and publicizing the event, involving experts and the population, in such a way as to make the topic known as much as possible; especially if other Italian partners are involved.

    For further info you can contact the following addresses:
    e-mail: or

    Best regards


    Dear Mrs Tisat,

    I’m writing on behalf of the Center for Development of the Pelagonija planning region (CDPPR), from Macedonia. We represents public institution for regional development, established by 9 units of local self-government comprising the Pelagonija planning region. CDPPR prepares project proposals for development of the planning region and for the areas with specific developmental needs. It coordinates the activities related to the implementation of the development Program of the planning region and realizes the projects for development of the planning region. It also promotes the developmental opportunities of the planning region.
    We have experience in project implementation by various donors and finance instruments (national and international), not directly in EUROMED, but experienced in another Interreg program (IPA CBC).
    We also have projects in tourism development in rural and mountainous areas and are open for cooperation for Interreg projects with you and other partners.

    Feel free to contact us to share project and activities information on

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Center for development of Pelagonija planning region

    ersilia incelliersilia incelli

    Dear Chiara,
    we will also write to your email. We are interested in sharing our ideas on this topic with you. We are a group of linguists and economic geographers at Rome University Sapienza and our interests lie in eco-tourism, especially in regions which are off the beaten track and need to be developed.

    Darko VujovićDarko Vujović

    Dear Chiara,
    the project idea is very interesting, and we (Chamber of Economy of Sarajevo Canton) would be happy to join the consortium that needs to be formed for further development of the idea and (hopefully) its realization. Sarajevo is a place where the cultures of the south and north of Europe, Western and Eastern Christianity, Islam, and Judaism have met and merged, as well as the empires of European history. Despite the continuous increase in the number of tourists to Sarajevo, the magnificent natural environment surrounding the city is still neglected or underdeveloped in terms of tourism. Sarajevo is among the few capital cities in Europe that have almost all geological formations, geomorphological forms, and an extremely high degree of plant and animal diversity in its vicinity. It is significant to mention that the rural area in the Sarajevo Canton covers about 92% of the total area of the canton. Sarajevo is surrounded by mountains of unique beauty, some of which exceed 2,000 meters in height.
    The Chamber of Economy has experience in implementing Interreg, IPA Cross border, and other similar projects, possesses the necessary infrastructure, as well as its own Education Center, and numerous partners in the country and the region. If you believe that the Chamber of Economy of Sarajevo Canton would be an adequate partner from Bosnia and Herzegovina for your project, we would gladly be part of the consortium.
    In case you think there is room for our inclusion in the consortium, please contact us at:
    Thanks and best regards!
    Darko V.
    Chamber of Economy of Sarajevo Canton

    Zarja ŠinkovecZarja Šinkovec


    I am writing on behalf of our NGO, Planet to the 3rd Power, Institute for interdisciplinary development from Slovenia. We like your project idea and would love to collaborate in some way. Are you still searching for additional consortium partners? If yes, feel free to contact us here and we can discuss our collaboration further:

    With kind regards,


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