Reply To: Search for potential partners in gastronomy tourism


Dear Nika,
We are looking for partnership in a gastronomy project. Given the time, we hope to become project partners in the existing project in the field of food and gastronomy tourism.
Vukovar-srijem county’s tourism offer is starting to develop in the form of different thematic routes. It includes the development of a gastro route that would show and promote Srijem’s traditional cuisine, but also further develop the area’s tourist gastro offer.
Brief information of the planned activities:
1.Gastro food festival
2.Traditional cuisine education and the use of traditional foods in everyday cooking
3.Education of restourant owners on the way in which they should emphasize the traditions of Srijem
4.Education for waiters- sommeliers training
5.Procurement of a Virtual Kitchen where the visitor will choose the dish they want to see being prepared
6.Acquisition of typical houses with traditional features
7.Acquisition of a mobile catering facility for the promotion of the eno-gastro offer
8.The creation of a prototype of a gastro display case that will be used for the presentation and sale of traditional products which will be located in hotels and catering establishments
9.Mapping of gastro routes
10.Promotional activities
Project partner would be a Tourist organization of Vukovar-Srijem County which has a experience in implementation of Interreg projects.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in developing a gastronomy project with us.

Contact person Marija: