Reply To: Education about Circular Economy

Natalija CigutNatalija Cigut

Dear Claire,

I’m writing on behalf of Research and Education Centre Mansion Rakičan (RIS): We are a public institute, founded by the Municipality of Murska Sobota (Slovenia). Firmly embedded in the local community, RIS is active in the field of tourism (generating market revenue), culture, research, education, innovation and carries out several social programmes and is cooperating with the local community, national organisations, service providers, business partners and other international organizations to use its strategic position, as a dynamic and adaptable institution, to contribute to local development. The organisation is well aware how important international cooperation is, therefore it strives to develop projects that have a broader perspective while contributing to the local environment ensuring durable presence/effect of results with added value. We have many experiences in different European programmes: Interreg Adrion, Interreg Danube, Interreg Slovenia-Hungary, Interreg Slovenia-Croatia, Interreg Slovenia-Austria, Erasmus+, Strategic Partnerships, Creative Europe etc. and national programmes.
We have experience in the field of circular economy promotion, we’ve also carried out numerous events on social entrepreneurship and social innovation.

We will be glad to cooperate with you.

For additional information we are available on e-mail:

Best regards,
Natalija Cigut