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    Claire GaleaClaire Galea

    We are a Maltese NGO in the area of disability. However we also have a number of charity shops and we want to explore the possibility of raising awareness for thrifting with the aim of contributing to the circular economy. Thanks to our shops in Malta, we save a significant amount of material from clothes to books, kids’ toys, pushchairs, home decorations etc, from going to our landfills, and so these items are all given a new life.

    However, thrifting and 2nd hand is still seen as the poor man’s (or woman’s) option in Malta and we want to educate the Maltese community about the benefits of thrifting, raise the awareness towards the need for everyone to contribute to a circular economy. Anyone interested to collaborate?

    Natasha ZarankovaNatasha Zarankova

    A business supporting NGO from Bulgaria with experience in social entrepreneurship and more (over 20 years, Interreg DTP, Erasmus+, national OP) is interested


    Hello, I represent the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, a private non-profit research organization located in Greece experienced in the field of Social and Business Innovation. In our 17 years of operation, we have been actively involved in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of more than 200 projects at the European and national level under different thematic areas and specific topics such as ICT, social innovation, entrepreneurship, social inclusion, citizens engagement, etc. We could get involved in some networks on the above-mentioned topics.
    IEDs experts can offer you professional services on project management and project dissemination for your Project. We could also be the Technical Partner as we have experience in developing applications and such kinds of platforms. iED has also developed its own e-learning platform ATHENA providing online courses and certifications. Among others, we are in a position to undertake the development of the dissemination, communication, and exploitation strategy. Also, we have a network of stakeholders that we could involve.

    For more information please feel free to contact us at

    Stefania MelisStefania Melis

    I’m representing an Italian SME active in the field of Data collection and analysis that could be useful for developing your idea. Please contact me for further info!

    Ivan BožićIvan Božić

    Hello! I am representing Humana Nova, Croatia ( we are member of RREUSE Network We are dealing with social entrepreneurship in textile waste management (reuse, recycle) and we are interested to collaborate. is the contact e-mail. Best regards to all!

    Nexhmije VataNexhmije Vata

    Dear Claire, we are an Albanian NGO named Center of Albanian Development and we are more than interested in your project idea. We have been cooperating in the civil society field for more than 16 years implementing different projects in the framework of improving the economical, environmental and social indicators of the sustainable development. Please contact us at for further information. We also have had experience with other EU and UN programmes and we can assure you that we will provide you with all the necessary help and documents you may need in the framework of a success application.
    Best regards
    Project Manager

    Tamara UrbančičTamara Urbančič

    I am a project coordinator at a secondary school in Postojna, Slovenia . We teach students about the circular economy and organize an exchange of used clothes twice a year. We also work with local creators who recycle various used items. We are VERY interested in cooperation, because students need to be educated about this topic and set a good example for them. I can help you write the application form. Regards,
    Mrs. Tamara Urbančič

    SGLŠ Postojna, Slovenia
    00386 40 525 629

    Svetoslav KyosevSvetoslav Kyosev

    Hello Claire,

    We are bulgarian NGO and have experience in the field of your project idea.

    We are interested to have further communication with you.

    Sincerely yours,
    Svetoslav KYOSEV
    Founder @RoBgteam
    Project manager, Municipality Silistra
    Expert crossborder projects, Municipality Svishtov
    Project manager, Municipality Tutrakan
    President – Youth Organization for European Silistra
    Vice President – Bilateral Chamber of Commerce Bulgaria-Romania
    Member of the Managing board – Tourist Fishing Club SIlistra
    Mediator, Ministry of Justice, Bulgaria, License 20120918003
    Romanian-Bulgarian Translator, Ministry of Justice, Romania, License 30344
    Bulgarian-Romanian Translator, Ministry of foreign affairs, Bulgaria

    Mail: /
    Mobile: BG +359 888 12 00 06 (Viber / WhatsApp)

    Todorka AtanasovaTodorka Atanasova

    Dear Claire,
    Varna Economic Development Agency – VEDA (, is an NGO, operating in a public benefit on the territory of Varna region in Bulgaria. We are interested to join your proposal as a partner. Our expertise is in the area of eco- and social innovation; modernization of agricultural sector; blue economy; cultural and rural tourism; training & mentoring; revitalization of urban and industrial areas; start-up and SMEs support; project management and EU funding. VEDA was a national contact point for the CIP Eco-Innovation Program (2007-2013). We have experience in multinational projects funded under H2020, JOP Black Sea Basin, Danube Transnational Program, Erasmus+, etc., delivering research, consultancy, training and events on a variety of topics, including circular economy.
    We will be glad to cooperate with you.
    Kind regards,
    Todorka Dimitrova

    Živa LožarŽiva Ložar

    Dear Claire!

    I am writing on behalf of Regional Development Agency Green Karst. We are interested to join in your proposal as a partner. One of our fields of experties is also the support to regional entrepreneurship with new knowledge and possibilities.Our network of stakeholders could also have participate in project dissemination and exploitation activities. We have participated in different EU projects to support inovative, green, kreative entrepreneurship. We can offer you professional services on project management and project dissemination and exploitationor your Project.

    RDA Green Karst is coordinator of regional interests on local and national level. By constant dialogue with government, municipalities, entrenpreneural sphere and NGO’s we have the capacity to influence policies on local, regional and national level.
    We have team of experts with knowledge on preparing and implementing national and EU projects, extensive experience in designing key regional development strategic documents, knowledge and support to entrepreneurship and potential investors.
    Within the organisation also works Regional destinational organisation RDO Green Karst which aim is to support and develop tourism in Green Karst destination and LAG Notranjska for the development of rural area of Primorsko-Notranjska region.
    Throughout the years we have cooperated in various international (Interreg ITA-SLO, SLO-HR, MED, ADRION, DANUBE, Horizon 2020…) and national projects. Informations on projects we have prarticipated are available on

    For additional informations we are available on e-mail

    Claire GaleaClaire Galea

    Thanks so much for your interest. Would be interesting to co-operate but we need someone to lead this project since we are an NGO and so cannot lead the project ourselves.

    Živa LožarŽiva Ložar

    Dear Claire!

    Would you be willing to send me your e-mail for further communucation.

    Thanks, Živa (

    Claire GaleaClaire Galea

    Hi Yes with pleasure – it’s

    Natalija CigutNatalija Cigut

    Dear Claire,

    I’m writing on behalf of Research and Education Centre Mansion Rakičan (RIS): We are a public institute, founded by the Municipality of Murska Sobota (Slovenia). Firmly embedded in the local community, RIS is active in the field of tourism (generating market revenue), culture, research, education, innovation and carries out several social programmes and is cooperating with the local community, national organisations, service providers, business partners and other international organizations to use its strategic position, as a dynamic and adaptable institution, to contribute to local development. The organisation is well aware how important international cooperation is, therefore it strives to develop projects that have a broader perspective while contributing to the local environment ensuring durable presence/effect of results with added value. We have many experiences in different European programmes: Interreg Adrion, Interreg Danube, Interreg Slovenia-Hungary, Interreg Slovenia-Croatia, Interreg Slovenia-Austria, Erasmus+, Strategic Partnerships, Creative Europe etc. and national programmes.
    We have experience in the field of circular economy promotion, we’ve also carried out numerous events on social entrepreneurship and social innovation.

    We will be glad to cooperate with you.

    For additional information we are available on e-mail:

    Best regards,
    Natalija Cigut

    Davide DestroDavide Destro

    Hello Claire,
    I’m Davide, representing Eduforma Srl team from Padua, Italy.
    We are very interested in your ideas and will be happy to contact you for potential collaboration.
    Our company, Eduforma srl, is a training and management consulting company, we got accredited by the Veneto Region as an Educational Center for Lifelong Learning training interventions (VET), as well as for Guidance Services and Labour, we are specialized in the area of HR development and VET Education.
    We are now involved in different interesting projects: the first one is about connecting disability and employment (“Dis-employability”, Erasmus +) then we have two different projects about Social and Green Entrepreneurship (Erasmus+): within “EGE” project we have worked specifically on the theme of Circular Economy and within “Streampreneur” we have worked on the theme of STE(A)M-based models of entrepreneurship that are sustainable and have positive social impact.
    As you can see, social economy and sustainability are themes that we are competent in and very interested in, we also have decade-long expertise in the field of education (mainly, ESF+), mainly focusing on young people.
    Moreover, thanks to the implementations of many projects, Eduforma has now a strong experience in new models of training methods development.
    If you are interested, please contact us at

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