Reply To: Education about Circular Economy

Todorka AtanasovaTodorka Atanasova

Dear Claire,
Varna Economic Development Agency – VEDA (, is an NGO, operating in a public benefit on the territory of Varna region in Bulgaria. We are interested to join your proposal as a partner. Our expertise is in the area of eco- and social innovation; modernization of agricultural sector; blue economy; cultural and rural tourism; training & mentoring; revitalization of urban and industrial areas; start-up and SMEs support; project management and EU funding. VEDA was a national contact point for the CIP Eco-Innovation Program (2007-2013). We have experience in multinational projects funded under H2020, JOP Black Sea Basin, Danube Transnational Program, Erasmus+, etc., delivering research, consultancy, training and events on a variety of topics, including circular economy.
We will be glad to cooperate with you.
Kind regards,
Todorka Dimitrova