Reply To: Osona region

Cveta DimitrovaCveta Dimitrova

Dear Ana,

We are ABERON OOD., a Bulgarian private research and consulting company, active in the wide environmental area with sound track record in ecosystem services assessment, agroecology, climate change adaptation and green energy transition. We are interested in:

1. Transformation of the agro-food system towards sustainability and circular economy.
2. Digital transformation of industry, administration and society.

We have developed a Balkan protocol, roadmap and an ICT tool to calculate the CO2 emissions in agriculture, minimise the use of resource and contribute to the circular economy.
On the second topic we may support you in the architecture of an ICT platform for digitalisation of services, mapping, visualisation and decision making. We can handle all horizontal tasks, such as dissemination, education and capitalisation.

If you are happy to discuss further, please, contact me on

P.S. I have worked in Madrid for Red2Red Consultores..:-)