Reply To: Waters for sustainable change – inland areas for sustainable tourism

Lisa SentimentiLisa Sentimenti

We have started a beautiful experience in Ferrara (Italy) enhancing the value of inland waters and the landscape in 2016, thanks to 2 projects co-funded by EIT Climate-KIC. Here – along with relevant stakeholders – a territorial strategy was developed, named Landscape Metropolis. The Landscape Metropolis strategy aims to enhance the landscape, which is seen as an infrastructure, fostering the regeneration of depopulated areas and the connection between the city of Ferrara and its suburban areas through an intermodal-sustainable mobility network (existing and renovated waterways, cycle lanes, railway lanes, bus lanes and walking paths for the daily mobility), thus increasing the quality of citizens’ lives and boosting sustainable tourism (since most of the concerned places are Unesco, Natura2000 or MAB sites). For more deatails (I can also send project’s factsheets in English of course). We cannot lead any proposal but we have a rather successful experience with INTERREG and other EU funded projects in the last 20 years. We are indeed eager to join as partner any proposal, such as this one, letting us to further test and/or transfer our good experience with Landscape Metropolis. Please, if interested contact me by email
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