Reply To: Waters for sustainable change – inland areas for sustainable tourism


Dear Conceiçao,

I am writing you on behalf of Town Ludbreg and we are interesting to join the consortium and your idea is great opportunity for development sustainable tourism in Ludbreg. We have experience in Interreg projects as lead partners and partners. In the last financial perspective, Town Ludbreg was awarded as the best city in terms of withdrawal of European funds per capita.

The river Bednja passes through Ludbreg and we have the Island of Youth, which consists of several lakes that represent a tourist attraction in the town and it is located in city centre. The Island of Youth is a popular promenade in Ludbreg, surrounded by ponds, lakes, and gently embraced by the river Bednja. Near the island there is a nice small city dam that manages the water regime of the Bednja river, protects the city and is a photo attraction.

The island of youth is the green lungs of Ludbreg, a place for recreation and relaxation, but also the origin of many manifestations, sports and recreational events, festivals and concerts. For more information please visit our site:
If you are willing to include us as project partners please send me an email to with detailed information about project.

Best regards,