Reply To: Forest & forest products management

Pierluca GaglioppaPierluca Gaglioppa

Dear all, I’m director of a small Nature Reserve in Latium (NR Selva del Lamone –, about 2000 hectars of deciduos Oaks Forest. I’ma forestry engeneer and I’m interested in join your ideas. We are working on our Management plan (clearance and other actions), studies with the University of Tuscia about the opportunity of use harvester in the Nature Reserve and other systems. We have also a Martelloscope and some activities on biodiversity as Habitat Trees, momnumental trees and old growth forest/ancient wood. We are looking at the solution for some activity against (and to prevent) forest fires. We are also thinking about the forest certification (FSC and PEFC) and some ideas on forest ecosystem services and how transform themi in Payment for E.S.
About the proposal we must involve our regional Environmental (or Forestry) Department and we have right connections because I have worked there.