Reply To: Urban tourism and climate change looking for partners

Natalija CigutNatalija Cigut

Dear Carla,

I’m representing our organisation Research and Education Centre Mansion Rakičan ( We are a public organisation located in northeast part of Slovenia and we were founded by Municipality Murska Sobota. As a public institution, we work in the field of research, education, tourism and carry out several social programmes. Our organisation is very versatile and is active in different fields, but especially in tourism sector. Our mansion also provides accommodation for visitors (castle rooms) and we organise different events, that attract domestic and foreign visitors. We are also very active and successful in different European Interreg programmes: Interreg Adrion, Interreg Danube, Interreg V-A Slovenia – Austria, Interreg V-A Slovenia – Hungary, Interreg V-A Slovenia – Croatia, and also in other international programmes (Erasmus+, Creative Europe etc.).
In the field of tourism, we strive to develop unique and sustainable tourism offers, in which we are very actively involving equestrian tourism, since horses are part of our mansion. We also take care of the cultural heritage of the mansion and the natural heritage of the surrounding park. The latter is an important part of our tourism strategy.
I think we would provide interesting views and practical experiences in the framework of your project.
I’m available for more details and to discuss more about topics of interests, so don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.
My e-mail: