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UNION OF THE SAVIO VALLEY MUNICIPALITIES: the Union includes 6 Municipalities of the Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy), a large territory of 810 km2 with 116,000 inhabitants. The Union is characterized by high naturalistic and landscape values thanks to the variety of its ecosystems, from the mountain areas to the plain and along the Savio river that crosses and connects the entire area to the coastal area of ​​the Adriatic Sea.
The rediscovery of slow and “outodoor” tourism, linked to sporting practices and well-being after the pandemic, has developed a new trend in the tourism sector that appears to be a unique development opportunity. In this context, skills of local economic actors and public governance effectiveness are fundamental levers to be strengthened and interlinked. We believe that the relaunch of tourism in inland areas starts, first of all, through the ability of companies to rethink themselves focusing on integrated services, closer to practices of sustainability and climate resilience to respond to new market demands and new environmental challenges. The bicycle tourism and its economy are concrete examples of it: the Savio Valley Union of Municipalities is developing together with private sector Innovation Labs to develop sustainable tourism and finding solutions to protect nature ( Being part of an Interreg Euro-Med project will allow to increase the attractiveness of the internal areas through the development of “Territorial laboratories for innovation and sustainability” in order to strengthen business networks towards designing and promoting innovative services for sustainable tourism.
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