Reply To: Waters for sustainable change – inland areas for sustainable tourism


Dear Conceiçao,

The Institut Català de Recerca en Patrimoni Cultural (ICPRC-CERCA) (Catalan Institute for Cultural Heritage Research) is a research centre devoted to study of material and immaterial cultural AND NATURAL heritage, its uses, and processes of heritagization and elsewhere and to training in analytical approaches to and dissemination of knowledge about cultural heritage and its role in current and future society.

We are looking for proposals where we can participate as partners and contribute with our expertise and your projects is linked with our expertise

If you want to explore the possibilty to add our centre as partner, please contact at:

Antonio Rojas Rabaneda

The ICRPC’s objective

To be a leading centre in the field of cultural heritage research, through scientific work based on criteria of excellence, openness and the interrelation of the Institute with other reseach groups in the area of cultural heritage and other scientific fields.

Our mission is to undertake cultural heritage research that contributes to society, and Catalan society in particular, by providing analyses of its historical and cultural heritage, and its current and future social relations.

Currently we take part in the project “LIVHES: Living heritage for sustainable development” (Interreg SUDOE programme-SOE4/P5/F1112).