Reply To: Port-Cros National Park (FR) -Joining a consortium.

Antonio CoccoAntonio Cocco

Dear Mme Thurel,

I am replying you about your project idea. I work as a reseacher and PM for the ISEM CNR (Institute for the European Mediterranean Studies) of CNR (main public research centre in Italy), based in Cagliari. We are working with the Regional Park of Molentargius Saline (, a former saltwork, close to urban area in Cagliari, very known for its natural value. Cagliari as well Sardinia, have an important cultural value. Many foreigner and Sardinians writers described Sardinia and Cagliari.
We are operating to implement visibility and attractivity of the Park and your project idea results really interesting for us.

If you are interested as well to exchange about it, please contact me at

Best regards,

Antonio Cocco