Reply To: Port-Cros National Park (FR) -Joining a consortium.


Dear Mr. Francoise Thurel,

I am writing to you from regional development agency of Gorenjska, Slovenia. We have over 20 years of experiences in preparation and implementation of EU projects, including MED -different topics of regional development. We are also responsible for regional development and regional development program.

Topic: sustainable tourism based on nature and culture are key development topics in our region.

I would be glad to have on line meeting. What about next week?

Please you can reach me on my email:

My contacts:
M.Sc. Helena Cvenkel, director for research and development
BSC Kranj regional development agency of Gorenjska
c.s. Zagarja 37,4000 Kranj, Slovenia
mobile: 00386 31 302 382
skype: helena.cvenkel