Reply To: A public transport operator is looking for partners

Mía PouMía Pou

Dear Ms. Ioannou.
As a boutique global strategy firm, with a focus on smart cities, we have been engaged by a very large Holding that has public transportation as one of its core sectors. It is s consolidated recognized expert in the sector spanning more than 20 years.

We are assisting it with its strategic plan optimization aligned to the digitalization and the future of transport, business development, and public-private finance for a specific area.

In order to evaluate if we fit optimally in your request for a partnership, please send us a more detailed description of your request for a partnership, and we will arrange a video meeting to go into more specific details.

Please, find hereinafter, my direct contact details T +34634035402, T +4553851178, E

I look forward to discussing further with you and a potential partnership agreement.

Best regards,

Mía Pou
Chief Executive Officer B P & Partners (Barcelona / Copenhagen / Abu Dhabi)
Exec. President Global Hypertech Partners