Reply To: need partners



This is Daniela Ilcheva from Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bulgaria. We are interested in joining potential consortia, having in mind that we have implemented more than 60 EU funded projects.

YCCI is focusing its strength on providing services to SMEs for internationalization( development of market access
advice and matchmaking services), basic advisory services, consultations on regulatory requirements , advanced
advisory services, general innovation support for SMEs services, advice on access to finance to help businesses
innovate and grow international, resilience and sustainability related advisory services.

As social partner, YCCI is constant and constructive participant in the public bodies of the Municipalities of the
region – council for social partnership, council for social-economic development, other targeted councils in the
field of development of the city and the region and also member of the Public councils to 7 professional high-
schools from Yambol region, for coordination of the annual admission plan for the vocational high schools every

YCCI holds a multidisciplinary team of 8 people, a large network of external experts and more than 350 synergies
worldwide. The employees are specialized in different areas of economic development and the Chamber delivers
a wide variety of business support services – financial issues, IT, public-private relations, quality standards and
management, project development and management, informal training initiatives, etc. For 30 years since its
establishment, YCCI has successfully entered in the public and social life of the region.

If you would like to work with us, please let us know: