Reply To: Osona region

Mauro VanniMauro Vanni

Dear Anna Adroher,
Coastal Towns Association from Italy (7 municipalities, 120.000 inhabitants – Abruzzo Region) is interested in joining your proposal.
The cities:
a) are currently developing green and digital transformation strategies within the framework of the Intelligent Cities Challenge, an initiative funded by Horizon2020 and grouping more than 80 european cities;
b) are acting as partner in LIFE+ A_GreeNet, a project using reforestation and other tools in order to mitigate climate change.

We can share: a wide network of regional and local stakeholders (SMEs, Universities, associations); methods, tools and expertise to elaborate and implement sustainable strategies; lessons learned from on going pilot actions regarding governance, tourism and mobility.

In case of interest, please contact: Mauro Vanni, City Project Manager –