Reply To: Wine Tourism Development

Desislava MinchevaDesislava Mincheva

Dear Mr. Doychinov,

National Tourism Cluster “Bulgarian Guide” ( – a destination management tourist organisation, active in the fields of sustainable and smart tourism solutions, cultural heritage valorisation, culinary and wine-tourism tour development, education and entrepreneurship in tourism, innovative solutions and digitalisation, etc., would like to express its interest to the combine efforts and join the consortium of partners. In the years we have established a network of various stakeholders in the fields of winemaking, wine, and culinary tourism in the major wine-growing regions of Bulgaria. As an organization, experienced in transnational and international projects in the field of tourism, we would be glad to add value and contribute to the success of your project, so we ca jointly promote the eno-culinary heritage across Europe.

Looking forward to hearing form you!

Best regards,
Desislava Mincheva