Reply To: Wine Tourism Development

Franco Di AndreaFranco Di Andrea

I’m expressing our interest in joining your research project proposal in Wine Tourism Deveolopment.
I’m writing on behals of “Ten for sustainability”, an Italian not-for-profit organziation founded, by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in scientific research, training and communciation on environmental sustainability, rational use of energy, renewable energy sources (mechanisms and technologies), on development of sustainable tourism products and services ( on ten pillars to promote environmental, social and economic sustainability, and to valorize cultural and natural heritage both local and global scale.
We promote scientific, technological cooperation to transfer innovation from the research to the society; communication activities, among others through the development of online and offline communication strategies, media relations, dissemination activities, coordination, planning, and management of institutional communication, event organization.
Ten for Sustainability members have also a long track-record as regards:
– research and development of programmes and technologies for the reduction of green-house emissions, the decarbonification of the social-economic systems, through the rationaluse of energy and renewable energy sources, also as a results of shared research endeavors at European level;
– design and provision of training programmes on specific issues related to environmental sustainability and circular economy, within formal Master Courses provided by Universities, specific professional training courses or courses for adult learners.
We’ll be glad to provide more information as regards our orgazniation and we’re ready to cooperate in the proposal planning and writing.
Warm regards,

for Ten for Sustainability
Project developer and coordinator