Reply To: Keeping Water – K-Water


Dear Conceiçao,

I represent Local action group “South Istria”, NGO from Croatia (Istria Region). We find your idea very interesting and we would like to join the consortium.
Our territory is also very vulnerable when it comes to water supplies. During last couple of years, we have noticed severe signes of climate change on our territory manifesting through long periods of severe lack of water and drought. In order to cope with this problem we need to create sustainable solutions for water management and irrigation. This area has always had culture of building wells and collecting water in farm dams which both became forgotten and are out of use.
We have big number of local farmers sharing this problem so there is a large circle of potential stake holders and target groups interested in this topic.
Based on everything said, we would be glad to participate on this project.

You can contact us at: (

Best regards,
Moira Drandic Pauro