Reply To: Smart Tourism Destinations Testing of Innovations on Culture & Heritage

Maria GatoMaria Gato

My name is Maria Assunção Gato and I am a researcher at ISCTE- Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (Portugal), in a prestigious interdisciplinary research unit focused on socio-economic and territorial dynamics called DINÂMIA’CET. In the last years, I have been working on a European research-action project dedicated to creative based cultural tourism in low-density territories, which involved the conception, prototyping and implementation of a national network of pilot projects (40) of creative tourism in low-density territories, based on principles of sustainability, safeguard and valorisation of local heritage, as well as the resilience of local communities. I would like to continue to explore these themes at the level of experiences in the territories, co-production and transfer of knowledge between academia and local stakeholders. I see in this Call the perfect opportunity to develop and test innovative and good practice initiatives/experiences of smart and sustainable tourism (environmental, cultural, social, economic) in territories of high tourism potential that are being dilapidated in various ways.
Please contact me ( if you are interested in considering Portugal as a partner.
Maria Gato, PhD