Reply To: Proposal on Postharvest management and food loss

Leandro OliveiraLeandro Oliveira

Dear Francesco,

I would like to express our interest in working with you on your proposal. I’m nutritionist and researcher at CBIOS/ Universidade Lusófona (Private Organization).

CBIOS, the Research Center for Biosciences & Health Technologies was created in 2011 as a R&D structure of COFAC / Universidade Lusófona to create and promote knowledge in the health sciences. As part of our vision, CBIOS develops Integrated Health Strategies aimed to support the progress of Lusophone societies.
Being an university-based unit, CBIOS is highly committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. It is also privileged to operate within a broad-minded, multidisciplinary environment essential to foster innovation, promote advanced learning, and attract dynamic young researchers from different backgrounds and cultures.

CBIOS currently includes 19 integrated members, 25 PhD students, 27 collaborators, and a wide collaborative network, operating in five research domains – Natural Bioactives, Development of Delivery Systems, Pharmacology and Molecular Mechanisms, Modeling Systems, and Nutrition and Health Promotion.

If you consider that our profile is advantageous for your proposal for the recovery of food waste and post harvest management, please contact me leandro.oliveira[@] and let’s schedule a meeting.

With best regards,
Leandro Oliveira