NCP Network – Results Amplification Survey


Preparation of the 18th of January meeting


How could you contribute to the project results amplification?

Project results amplification is a long-term process. From collecting results, good practices and experience to give visibility and disseminate knowledge to their transfer and re-use, so that there is an improvement in policies.

One of the tasks of the NCP is to valorise projects results and to contribute to their amplification. Practically, what can you do and how can we help?

This survey is to share ideas, experiences, thoughts, comments, hopes or disappointments … on how to better capitalise on results in the short-medium term. It also aims at preparing the 2023 workplan by identifying specific activities and taking into account the Governance projects.

It is structured around 3 sets of questions:

  • What roles and activities for the NCPs in the amplification process?
  • What are your needs ?
  • How to articulate this work with the Governance projects?


Amplifying the project results is a challenge. When filling the free text box, you can use the « radical idea » method (developed by the EIT Climate-KIC – Visual toolbox for system innovation – Climate-KIC)

  • Think about the initial radical idea that would drove you to a desired future and start to build your activity and its milestones
  • Imagine what stakeholders (main media, takers, citizens…) would say about your idea and its successful achievement

Keep in mind, when identifying activities, that keys to the success are:

  • to link communication and capitalisation as well as tools and resources dedicated to it from the beginning if possible
  • to identify and develop targeted contacts and networks
  • to ensure that information is re-worked and adapted before being disseminated and integrated.