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21-27 Deliverable Library: we need you!


The deliverable library of a Programme is a database that stores and organises the deliverables produced by Projects over the years: it is an essential element within a European Programme to promote transparency, accountability and effective management of project results, while encouraging knowledge sharing and capitalisation.

In order to improve the 21-2027 version, we would like to gather your comments about the 14-20 Programme library (but not only) so that together we can create a an improved too for 21-27. l that best meets your needs, based on your past experience.

We have therefore prepared a survey on the library of deliverables used by the Interreg MED programme and its projects in the 2014-2020 programming period. You can consult the library here:

As a reminder, there were three different types of deliverable libraries:

  • The Programme library gathering the most valuable deliverables produced by the projects co-financed by the Programme between 2014 and 2022.
  • The thematic community library gathering the deliverables produced by the so-called “Horizontal / thematic community” projects as well as most deliverables produced by the projects related to this specific thematic community
  • The project library collecting all the deliverables produced by a specific project

This survey is about the three of them.

complete the survey

Thanks in advance for your time and precious feedback!