Consultation of other programmes, strategies and initiatives operating in the Mediterranean in the framework of the launch of the call for thematic projects of the Interreg Euro-MED programme 2021-2027




For each of the programme missions that correspond to your areas of expertise, we are interested in your views on the priority to be given to the objectives to be addressed by the projects in our Thematic Call.


Please give a score from 1 to 3 (write 1, 2 or 3 in the text box beneath each proposal) to define the priority of each of these objectives (3 for high priority objectives).
For missions that are not relevant to you, you can leave the text field blank.


Please indicate for each mission, projects or results of your knowledge that could be useful for the applicants to build upon. Please identify the project name and provide the related link. This list is to be published in the Terms of Reference as indicative resources.