Reply To: Developing Virtual Experiences of Cultural Heritage

Davide DestroDavide Destro

Hello Charles,
I’m Davide, representing Eduforma Srl team from Padua, Italy.
We are very interested in your ideas and will be happy to contact you for potential collaboration.
Our company, Eduforma srl, is a training and management consulting company, we got accredited by the Veneto Region as an Educational Center for Lifelong Learning training interventions (VET), as well as for Guidance Services and Labour, we are specialized in the area of HR development and VET Education.
We focus on corporate restructuring and corporate training, adult and youth training, HR and employment services.
Eduforma is also involved in the production, import and marketing of software and IT solutions.
We have experience with various EU financing programmes, ESF+, Erasmus+, EASI and Interreg Europe, Central Europe, Italy-Croatia, Italy-Slovenia and ADRION.
Our more recent projects are Eramsus+ KA2 and focus on themes like Green, Social and STREAM Entrepreneurship (“EGE” and “STREAMpreneur” projects).
We also worked on developing innovative online training tools for young managers on interdisciplinary subjects through the project YMEC and on the improvement of the entrepreneurial spirit fostering the creation of social startups with the SUYSE project. Since 2015 we have been implementing Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, the European exchange programme for Entrepreneurs.
Thanks to the implementations of various different projects Eduforma has now a strong experience in new models of training methods development.
To find more about us and our EU projects, and if you are interested in collaborating, please contact us at