Reply To: FIRE UNDER CONTROL searching for partners

Alice CucchiaroAlice Cucchiaro

Dear Elena,
AVITEM and its members are very interested in this topic and we would like to know more about your project.
AVITEM is a public cooperation agency representing several French territorial authorities (SUD region, Corsica, Metropole of Nice, City of Marseille, AURA region). We are based in Marseille, France, and we work on sustainable development issues: resilience and adaptation to climate change, sustainable tourism & circular economy.
Our members, the SUD region and Corsica, have participated in projects on wildfires in 14-20 (MED-Star, MED-PSS, MED-Coopfire – INTERREG Marittimo). AVITEM aims at complementing and disseminating these results to other Mediterranean territories. We are very interested in awareness-raising, communication and information activities for better fire management, particularly via the behavioural science approach.
Looking forward to your reply,
Best regards,
Alice Cucchiaro
Project manager