Reply To: Sustainable tourism in natural areas with disused buildings due to climatechange

Jožica LazarJožica Lazar

Dear Mr. Veggi

I’ve have sent an e-mail to you on 24th of August and hope you’ve received it.
We find your project idea very interesting for our region. The idea just suits to our area and our fields of work. More detiled I’ve alread wrote in e-mail, for more information plase do not hesttate to ask.

We are Development agency of Idrija and Cerkno and we ere in many Interreg and other projects, our added value is that we work close with different stakeholders in loacal and regional level, so we can assure involvment of target groups. Hope to hear from you soon.

With best regards,

Jožica Lazar, directress
Development agency of Idrija and Cerkno