Reply To: Consortium seeking partners (and lead)

Dragana Zanko KosDragana Zanko Kos

Dear Mr.Williams, if you are still in search of ICT related project partner with vast experience and expertise in the field of RIS development (River Information Services) in Croatia and Europe, we would like to shorty introduce ourselves:

We are RGO Communications Ltd. from Croatia and as one of the partners on the EcoSUSTAIN project we were working on development of water quality monitoring software i.e: on the development of IT system for data collection and exchange between management authorities of aquatic protected areas. We strongly believe our experience and expertise might be of value for your project application.

Services provided by us included data modelling, software development, database management of data application which has functionalities of collecting, managing and maintaining the relevant data set. The application consisted of a database, a back-end of the application and a user interface.
We would be willing to participate as a Croatian partner on above stated or extended activities.

Dragana Žanko Kos
Project manager

RGO Communications Ltd.
Palinovečka ulica 19/J
HR-10000 Zagreb