Reply To: Looking for partners for Project Proposal on Urban Heat Islands

Valeria RossiValeria Rossi

Dear Karim,
the Municipality of Cesena is situated in Northern Italy within Emilia-Romagna Region, some 15km from the Adriatic coast and it has 96.000 inhabitants. Since 2007 the municipality has established an European project office acquiring a great experience in project management. Cesena is a member of Eurocities (Environment forum) and the first Italian signatory city of the new “Green City Accord”, as well as the “Mayors Adapt” initiative.

CLIMATE is one of the current Administration priority themes, and recent analysis on climate has been developed for the the city SECAP (Sustainable Energy and Climate Adaptation Plan) together with the National Research Council, and within the Interreg Italy-Croatia project called Adriadapt. Among the main tools to counteract urban heat islands these analysis identified urban forestry and greening; urban climate regeneration and natural based solutions; naturalization of the Savio river; capacity building for climate adaptation planning and stakeholders engagement.
We would be interested in better knowing your approach and possibilities to cooperate. Feel free to contact
Best regards.