Reply To: Consorci de la Ribera – Energy agency promoting low-carbon society

Claudia SistiClaudia Sisti

Dear all,
Torres Vedras Municipality in Portugal and CICS NOVA Interdisciplinary Center of Social Cience from FSCH are willing to join the consortium under the theme ENERGY TRANSITION LOW-CARBON RENEWABLE EFFICIENCY / Claudia Sisti + André Alves / Ana Pego

Torres Vedras is a Portuguese municipality in the district of Lisbon, approximately 50 km north of the capital, in the western part of the Centro region. It covers an area of 407 km2, and has 83.000 inhabitants. The municipality has almost 20 km of coastal area, 2 sites of Natura 2000, as well as a local protected area. Over the past few years, the municipality has participated in European projects (LIFE programme) about green procurement and sustainable procurement, such as GreenMED and Building SPP project, and PRO EE (IEE funding); RENERGY (Interreg IVC funding).
Torres Vedras Municipality has stood out for its entrepreneurial capacity demonstrated over the last years, implementing a wide range of interventions in the areas of urban planning and regeneration, socio-economic and cultural development, sustainable mobility and energy efficiency, managing with effectiveness and efficiency the financial resources available from national and European founding programmes.
The mission of Torres Vedras Municipality is to ensure the implementation of laws about the environment, promote sustainable development of the municipality and improving the quality of life of its citizens.
The Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030 set out the priorities and aspirations for 2030, and constitute a reference to respond to global challenges in line with the objectives and lines of action pursued at national level in the field of environment and sustainable development, in particular those resulting of National Sustainable Development Strategy – ENDS 2015, the National Forest Strategy, the National Strategy for Environmental Education 2020, the National Strategy for the Conservation of Nature and Biodiversity 2030, the National Program for Climate Change 2020/2030 and the National Climate Change Adaptation Program.

Assuming the guidelines of the referenced instruments, it is up to the services of the Municipality of Torres Vedras to manage the protected areas of local scope; develop and promote actions and measures of education and environmental awareness of the population; manage municipal facilities for environmental education; prepare applications for projects and awards in the fields of environment, sustainability and energy; coordinate the control and supervision of the municipality’s coastline; ensure control of water and coastal pollution, air pollution, noise and soil pollution; carry out specific studies and actions aimed at the protection and defense of the environment; enable the municipal policy of waste management, forests and green spaces; and manage, enhance and conserve the natural heritage of the municipality.

CICS.NOVA’s mission is to conduct interdisciplinary research in social sciences, to promote critical thinking and disseminate the acquired knowledge in the concerned communities, both on the national and international level, namely through the action of its regional Poles. The research unit’s interdisciplinary framework brings together knowledge in sociology and geography, as central areas, alongside other social sciences and humanities. In addition, there are strong links with life sciences, environmental sciences and engineering, which render CICS.NOVA’s scientific research particularly original and comprehensive.